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(Updated: February 21, 2023)
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Checking the runtime for Kate, I noticed that twenty minutes had been cut from the edit. I was concerned that might cause problems, but as I sat through the thing, I was never happier to be proven wrong. Huntress: Dead on Arrival is a revelation, a creative work that delivers a tight, solid noir thriller starring a great lead performance and insanely cool action. It's such an arresting experience, you never notice how the main character isn't called by her name. You never need to be reminded, the character has enough parallels to Huntress in Birds of Prey that she speaks for herself, which this edit brings more to the front by seamlessly integrating that movie's flashbacks into the appropriate contexts, adding depth to the story by proxy. The edit is so well executed that.anybody who loved Birds of Prey, or even just loved Huntress in that movie, will get a kick out of this. It is definitely a gritty movie, which feels appropriate for her character.

(Based on the cut list, I kind of wish the editor kept the Boom Boom Lemon gag, that sounds like a cute bit of levity in that moment, and the pay off would have been utterly hilarious.)

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