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Shorts August 16, 2012 2738
(Updated: September 25, 2012)
sunarep - dec 29 2009

This is an edit I’m really torn over – i can’t say I enjoyed it, but the concept at the beginning, this idea got me so excited that I beg blueyoda to start a full featurelength fanedit mixing Transformers and 2001! Please Please Please!

The beginning was very weird with the computergraphics about optimus prime, but the whole idea of combining the monolith with the allspark was funny and an interesting concept. The Music Video was not really a great addition and after a while the whole thing fell apart. While Megatron/hal is a funny idea it was more like a fun video but not like a real fanedit that changed the story – Megahal 9000 was proclaiming his reign during the interview and nobody reacted

5/10 – but the concept would get a 10/10
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