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Wow, finally I got to see this movie without the idiotic heart rate monitor and the ridiculous idea that Banner becomes Hulk any time his heart rate goes up instead of when he is angry! But I get ahead of myself. I am one of those people that really enjoyed this movie, despite the heart rate thingy. I even didn't mind the aged CGI now that I saw it again ten years later. So, any changes that would be made in a fanedit version of the film would had to be very specific. And oh boy did the editor got them almost just right!

Technical-wise, I could tell when the deleted scenes were added, they were kind of "weird", like the fps was less than 24 or something. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I could tell, not that I really minded but I have to mention it. My second small issue with the editing was the scene before they were supposed to have sex (which is cut off), but we see them in the chair with Betty giving him a haircut and then touching each other and suddenly they are up and kissing and then we cut off to something else. I really think that if the scene where they are abruptly standing was cut off and we left them in that tender moment in the chair, would had a much greater impact both as a moment and it wouldn't be an awkward editing choice. Otherwise, the work done by the editor was great!

As for the narrative, besides the brilliant cut of the heart rate thing, I really enjoyed the deleted scenes and I also did not miss at all the silly humor that was cut off. Also the added deleted scene after the credits was interesting. But, as another reviewer stated, since this a heavily CGI movie, cutting off fight scenes between the Hulk and the Abomination wasn't necessary. There are plenty of, not bad, but aged CGI filled scenes through this edit (because there is nothing that can be done about it obviously), so having less "Hulk smashing" was a bit uncalled for.

I strongly recommend this edit and I believe that it will be your go to version in the future! Also, props for the subtitles!

Thanks to anyone who read my review and thanks to Lapis Molari for the hard work!

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