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I certainly see the reasoning for including the snow scene at the beginning but Bruce never points the gun at himself, so that inclusion is rather confusing. He seems to be clearly pointing it away. Maybe there is some stock footage somewhere or a scene from a different film that could be repurposed in some way? Overall I appreciate the intent of that addition but it does feel jarring right at the start.

So I really liked what the editor did overall. I'd never seen the movie all the way though before but I could enjoy this version enough to watch it fully so it's a vast improvement over the original! I did notice the absence of the heart rate thing, as I remember it being present in the street chase originally. It's a welcome change and there's only really one part where I noticed reference to it, towards the end.

There is a lot of bad stuff in the original movie that spoils the enjoyment such as badly thought out locations and awful jump cuts. I can see that the editor did some work around at least one of these bad edits and the bad edit was left untouched, while the faneditor's change was flawless. It feels like a real shame that the editor could have polished the original movie by adding some cross fade or some other remedies to improve on that. I can't fault the fan editor of course but I feel like it's a missed opportunity.

Finally, I'd like to quibble about the encoding quality of the movie. I have to say I find it to be excessively high. Whilst I appreciate the editor's love for quality and I respect that, for me it means if I am going to keep it in my movies folder, I have to re-encode and that feels wrong somehow. It also takes a longer time to download. It's a minor quibble for sure, I just feel like for an AVC encode, 5Mb/s is more than adequate and for super high quality, 8Mb/s would be vastly more than enough, except for the most egregious of detailed movies such as pacific rim rainstorm scene. Anything above 10Mb/s is wasteful IMO, but it is only a quibble, I'm not giving negative points for that.

All in all, This is a superior version to the theatrical edit, but there is still room for improvement. Great job!

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