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I was hoping someone would do a really great edit of this movie and someone did! This was the version we should have got in the theater.

I never noticed how the movie was trying to do too much before. Taking out little things and removing the heart monitor really works to benefit this movie. You don't miss a beat (see what I did there). The story just flows so much better here.

My only real issues were:
The video seemed a little dark? I don't know if that's just the movie proper or not because I haven't watched it in years. As the editor mentioned in the forum, the deleted scenes move a little funny sometimes, but there is nothing you can do about that when you are adjusting frame rates. But I would still rather have these scenes than not.

The narrative just works here and adds more character to the movie as a whole. This is a version that I will re-watch and is my go to version for now on. When I have friends who want to watch this movie, this is the version I will show them. I can't say enough good things here.

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