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This edit is a definite fanfix. It fixes many of the issues I had with the theatrical release, as well as some issues I hadn't realized were really bothering me in Tomahawk's extended Edition.
I really loved the complete removal of all references to the pulse meter. It was an unnecessary plot device and felt off-character. There is actually one brief scene where the beeping is still heard loudly - at the 20:53 mark.
I also greatly appreciated how this edit redeems Betty Ross. She seems way more assertive and capable than she did in the theatrical cut. Well done!
Another kudos is for the integration of 'the consultant' with the original post-credits scene. It really helps cementing the interconnectedness of the MCU.
One small suggestion: when Bruce enters the college's computer lab and experiences a flashback to the experiment, the footage is the same as the one used in the opening credits. I think that's redundant.
All in all a wonderful edit, and I believe it definitely fulfills its goal to flesh out the narrative with the footage from the deleted scenes while maintaining good pacing.

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