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Review by Phlegmbot — December 2, 2011 @ 10:52 am

Well, I don’t know how you did it, but you made me miss Ang Lee’s version.

Sorry, man. I know these FanEdit’s require a great deal of work — and the technical quality of this is top-notch, TRULY impressive — but you’ve completely arsed up the story…not that you had much to work with.

I’m uncertain how you classify Ang Lee’s version as “the thinking man’s Hulk” — it talked down to the audience, had characters over-explaining everything, was poorly acted and was filmed like a Mexican soap opera.

However, what it DID do well was give us a chance to get to KNOW the characters (in part b/c it took 80 minutes to do so), something your version lacks. I felt like I turned the movie on in the middle, b/c SO much was cut out. Now, I’m OK with the amount you cut, I just think you took some of the wrong scenes out. We needed some of that Betty/Bruce as kids flashback, we needed more about why they care for one another.

In order to enjoy this cut, one must go in knowing what you’ve left out…and that doesn’t work. We thus have ZERO emotional connection with any characters.

While I appreciate your attempt at brevity, and cutting-out the scenes of Betty explaining to her father how Bruce became what he is and how you cut down scenes w/Bruce’s dad, and scenes in the lab…what you ended up with is a mish-mash of action scenes with no weight. Like the first 45 min. of Quantum of Solace.

As for your ending, which I found creative, I honestly wouldn’t have known you were showing that he was on the run had you not mentioned it above. There seemed to be such a disconnect between the Betty/Thunderbolt Ross scene and Hulk on the run.

As others have mentioned before, you also left us w/some plot holes. I do think you’re on to something with this cut. I’d love to see you have another go at it, keeping in mind the need for story, setup, and character — things many, many FanEditors somehow forget the need for.

Oh, and I really enjoyed the addition of The Lonely Man theme. 5 stars on all the sound & video.

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