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As someone grew up literally watching all marvel movie and after watching the nostalgia critic episode about this movie it was inevitable that I would eventually watch this movie but thankfully this fan edit make this supposed "bad movie" less painful. But to my shock not only did I enjoy this but also made me realize how ambitious and ahead of its time it was that I wish this is canon to the MCU if the Sony/Fox marvels movies are a part of it. Basically, this movie walked so 90's dark and edgy superhero movies like teenage mutant ninja to even blade may run. For a superhero movie and compared to the light-hearted ones like Ant-Man this movie is very adult-oriented like a b-movie despite the duck and has a lot of adult/toilet-humor especially the part where Howard the duck works at message parlor that probably dabbles in prostitution too. And what's very unique about this which is very reminiscent of Dragon Ball where the beginning of the starts of as something of a sitcom with influence from the looney tunes cartoons and slowly transitions into epic sci-fi movie like ghostbusters and E.T. for example. I could see haters who disliked this movie getting impatient and turn-off of by the comedy while waiting for it to get to the good part but 1stbilled does a great fixing the pacing and improving the comedy to make payoff at the end feel so much better.

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