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I saw HOWARD THE DUCK when it originally came out in theatres and 8-year old me was a fan (esp. of the Dark Overlord -- I've always been a sucker for stop motion monsters). As an adult, revisiting it on DVD touched on my nostalgia but did little to endear me to the film itself. So, the fact that I've watched 1STBilled's fanedit of it twice now is a testament to just how much I like what's been done here. REPLUCKED is a well-paced, funny, weird little comic movie now that I can enjoy (sober or otherwise). The changes made with the edit are well thought out and well executed, highlighting the film's strengths and doing away with many of its flaws. And turning the overlong earworm theme song into the closing credits? A stroke of inspired editing that leaves the film on a perfect note. If I was to suggest any change, just for fun's sake, I'd love to see some sort of Marvel/proto-Marvel logo at the very beginning of the film, but beyond that, I can do nothing but offer my kudos and my thanks for sharing your creation with us.

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