How the Grinch Stole Christmas (A Little Less to "Carrey" Edition)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (A Little Less to "Carrey" Edition)
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See the live action Grinch in a way it was meant to be.....with some restraint!
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I appreciate what Jim Carrey and Ron Howard did for the movie, but the problem with Carrey's humor is that it was great in the 90's, but now it just feels a bit much. I really liked A LOT of what they did to flesh out the story, I tried to keep it more focused on the story and less on giving Jim Carrey several minutes of complete improv sessions.
To reign in Jim Carrey as much as possible and keep the story focused on the Grinch and Cindy. I also removed a setup for a subplot that has no payoff since the deleted material for it only appears on the network broadcast cut which is not commercially available at this time.
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- Trimmed the mail room scene so that when Cindy falls down the chute, Max bites Grinch when he hears that Cindy is in trouble and now instead of the Grinch knowingly leaving her to basically die, once he realizes she's in trouble (thanks to Max), he rolls his eyes and then helps her. No silly fast motion going round and round with Max on his butt and in a way, trying to make Grinch less evil. He's a dick, but he's not going to let a kid die (at least in my version).
- Cut any mention or reference to the lights competition. The full subplot only appears on the network broadcast version.
- Cut out a lot of the Grinch in his lair following his visit to Whoville. It's basically lots of Jim Carrey improv and doesn't progress the story.
- Cut out that the Grinch's baby basket lands in front of a swingers party. We don't see him land, but we know he lands with the old ladies.
- Cut Martha May's line "the muscles" when Cindy is hearing the story of the Grinch going mad when in school.
- Cut more side antics (Grinch hitting himself with a mallet)
- Trim all of the side gags Grinch does to drown out the sounds of Whoville singing. When Cindy arrives, we'll see him getting his head clapped by the giant monkey with the cymbals and move away from blenders with nails and jackhammering around
- Trim some Carrey-esque voices and laughter
- Grinch decides to go to the Centennial celebration and immediately grabs the yodeler. Then we speed up that he is on the fence and Max sends him down the chute.
- Trimmed down the head celebrator stuff just a bit. The conga line is gone, but most of it stays.
- No mistletoe on the butt. He shaves the mayor's head and then kisses him, hence the mistletoe setup works.
- Grinch doesn't burn down the tree. I just felt it was too much of a bad guy move and now sure how anyone could forgive that by the end.
- Cut the action movie running from the explosion gag.
- Cut the Ron Howard directing improv with Grinch and Max. It was originally an improvised joke and Ron loved it and kept it in. I just felt like it was slowing us down from getting to the moment we've been waiting for.....Grinch going to steal Christmas!
- Grinch doesn't make faces at Martha while she's sleeping. He loves her, he's not mad at her and it looks like he only steals her engagement ring as opposed to destroying her house.
- Grinch doesn't hold up Max's butt to the mayor's sleeping face
- Trim down the overly long wretching of the Grinch's heart growing as well as some of the silly voices he does. It's a big moment and I felt that Carrey was still being too super goofy.
- Cut quick reference to the light battle between Martha and Betty Lou
- Cut Grinch busting some moves after Martha says she loves him. Well, I trimmed it a lot.
- Cut Grinch laughing right in the mayor's face that Martha chose him. It just felt like Grinch grew a lot (2 sizes in fact), that I wanted him to be the bigger person considering the mayor was the cause of most of the Grinch's outbursts
- Cut Grinch's final lines because it felt like a more perfect ending that the narrator says he cut the roast and Grinch smiles and everyone applauds and we segue into "Where Are You Christmas" and zoom out of Whoville
- Lots of small trims here and there as well

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