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(Updated: May 25, 2021)
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Malthus once again delivers a fantastic edit that takes the the slow boring paced theatrical version to something that feels more engaging and exciting to watch. The opening of the House of the Abraxas is vastly better and feels more like how the Matrix opened- establishing the unique world, the target their after, and some key characters we'll meet later on before we meet our main character. Another thing I liked was getting rid of the redundant family stuff in the beginning and though the first time we see them in this edit is them being kidnapped I thought it worked well as her reaction to their plight makes it clear how much they mean to her.

Another thing to mention that was done well was the tweak to the colour grading it felt more vibrant and colourful and really enhanced those sweet visuals in the movie. Though its not critical to the story perhaps the montage of Jupiter cleaning could houses could've been kept before the clinic scene to sort of give some sort of an explanation to why she's there and show the audience her life better. Regardless House of the Abraxas overall is much more engaging from the start, edited seamlessly and an improvement over the theatrical version,

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