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I'm one of the three people who loved Jupiter Ascending, so I don't think it *needed* a fan edit, but The House of Abrasax is an excellent alternate version and I wouldn't be surprised if most viewers prefer it over the original. The opening is certainly more exciting.

I was anticipating that the total removal of Jupiter's background would adversely affect the climax of the film, but didn't find that to be the case at all. This is a different Jupiter - she *doesn't* hate her life, and she really isn't Balem's mother. She doesn't experience much in the way of character development and growth, she's just an ordinary woman who gets caught up in a wild adventure.

The lack of explanation for what she's doing at the clinic at the start comes across as a little odd, as does the failure to establish her relationship with her family before they're kidnapped, but none of that is critical to the story. Her reaction to their plight makes it clear how much they mean to her.

As far as I could tell, the editing was technically flawless, but there was sometimes noticeable posterization in the background of shots.
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