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(Updated: February 27, 2023)
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Wait, you mean to tell me this ISN'T the original? The map with Hook's hand was trailer footage and not the real opening? Get out of town!

Tight is the best I can describe this edit. Every scene flows naturally and organically from one to the other, some cuts creating more powerful moments as a result of the lost content. Peter promising to be at his son's baseball game, and the next scene being him arriving at an empty baseball field hits way harder than an extended sequence would have. I like that the edit cuts out Hook's attack and keeps the audience guessing alongside Peter, keeping us in the dark for as long as possible before Tinker Bell confirms what we were beginning to suspect all along. The trims around many scenes keep the story focused, delivering smoother characters arcs across a shorter running time, to the point where it feels like it was a cut from Spielberg himself! I miss "I wish I had a dad... like you." but in the context of this edit, you're not bound to notice it's absence, as Rufio's arc is a little bit toned down from the original, which may be the only real mark against the edit narrative wise. The two deleted scenes were also integrated well, though the music was a touch loud during the first one (which honestly I wonder why that was cut, we learn the names of the other Lost Boys in there?!)

There is a leftover shot at 33:46 and a few awkward audio cuts as a result of the scenes being gone (along with a weird dip in the audio when Maggie is trying to take Hook's, erm, hook), but as far as I'm concerned the edit lives up to the title. It is the definitive version of Hook.

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Owner's reply March 05, 2023

Thanks for spotting and pointing out the loose frame. I found and fixed it.
Maggie's voice drops for a brief moment, but as far as I hear it that's the actress halting her sentence and is in the original. I don't hear any audio mistakes in that scene.

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