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Would be difficult to believe that more than half an hour has been removed from this film, no loss at all of narrative coherence. Since I only saw it once (and at least fifteen years ago) just a few absences stuck out immediately, big Tinkerbell, the baseball game at the beginning and the "scarily lit shots when kids get kidnapped". I was surprised when my first reaction to the latter was of disappointment, I suppose that this particular sequence left a greater impression on a young me than I thought, but on reflection and comparison I think that it rather does give away a bit too much and dilute the suspense.

Otherwise this edit lives up to its title and was a nice revisit, only just realised that this film contains the embodiment of Prince Zuko while the 2004 live-action "proper" adaptation of Peter Pan (the one I grew up with) stars Admiral Zhao as Hook himself! The purist in me wonders though if there could be a way of altering Tinkerbell's statement about the way to Neverland back to "Second to the right and straight on till morning." (is it a coincidence that Star Trek VI from the same year features the same "incorrect" line?), never saw the Disney animated version this references and the modification from the original irrationally irks me!

Technically excellent, only issues I noticed were a couple of audio cuts (80 mins in, bookending the shot of Peter looking over the cliff where he says "I have a plan") sounding a little abrupt. Thank you lapis molari for sharing your work!

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