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(Updated: January 23, 2022)
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Audio/Video Quality: 9/10
The video looks great and completely what you would expect from the file size. I know you said you used the AC3 from the 4k and mentioned that it was the soundstage audio. I've never heard this mix and it's pretty different than the DTS that I'm used to I guess. It's not an audio issue, but I definitely prefer the other mix as it feels like it has a bit more life as well as softness to it.

Visual Editing:
There are moments where the cuts didn't quite work for me as some scenes felt like they were a bit too tightly packed together and needed some breathing room. The deleted scene was fun to see. It didn't quite match the coloring and contrast of the movie, but it did add a bit of Neverland nostalgia.
I like the faster pace of the final battle, but there was a bit of feeling like it was edited due to some audio edits that gave away some of the visual cuts.
The ending deleted scene of Peter somersaulting over the car was something I'd never seen before. Like the other one, I think the color was slightly over saturated. The visual editing to remove Peter's hesitation/focus on his job were executed well and helped move the scenes forward and focus more on Peter's potential to become Pan as there is still hope that he hasn't fully grown up. 8/10

Audio Editing:
Most all of the visual cuts worked well and those that didn't often were a case of the audio betraying that something was changed. There were also some drastic changes in intensity of scenes and music that perhaps could be smoothed out a bit more. 6.5/10

The only real issue I had with the narrative of this is the omission of the baseball game. I get the intention to remove it, but removing it left it feeling like something was missing for me. I think there is possibly a way to abbreviate the scene to get through it a bit faster. It doesn't disrupt the narrative flow as there is no mention by Jack or Hook that Peter missed Jack's baseball game later in the movie. This is an excellent example of show don't tell during the scene in the museum by Lapis Molari to make this edit choice work.
The removal of the abduction scene worked fantastically. I really liked the mystery it creates and the increased sinister disturbance not knowing it was magical/ridiculous looking when they were abucted. Great work here! I wasn't too sure about the removal, but it improved the scene :)
The removal of Big Tink, but the retaining of "I have a plan" felt jarring narratively. I think it would work to jump from Rufio acknowledging Peter is the Pan straight over to the lost boys prepping for war.
The removal of Tink and Smee in the real world was a GREAT idea and executed very well :)
I liked most of the narrative changes, but missed others 8/10

Some scenes feel a bit rushed, but that's most likely because I've memorized this movie from watching it so much. When I read "the way you want to remember it" for me that means from the eyes of a child. I ate up all the ridiculousness. This being one of my favoirte movies, I know that I'm majorly biased against doign anythign to it, but I love to have my perceptions challenged. For the most part this edit accomplished things that I didn't think were going to work. I did miss Maggie's song as the music uses that cue throughout to bridge the gap between Neverland and home for the kids.
I still teared up at the end so ofcourse I enjoyed this :)
Due to some editing choices that I personally would have liked to see stay and some audio cuts that stick out to my ears, my enjoyment score is currently a 7/10. With some adjustments to the audio this would easily raise to an 8/10.
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