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Oh, Hook. Where to start with this one. While not Steven Spielberg's worst movie (Indy 4 says hi), it's definitely his weirdest. What is it exactly? An adventure movie, a fantasy film, a goofy comedy, a sappy sentimental drama, yet another installment of Spielberg's ever-present daddy issues? Yes to all, and more. It's also strangely, fetishistically sexual at some spots (What's with the mermaids? What's with the moaning of that wench who removes Hook's, uh, hook for the baseball game?). And does it work overall? Yes, but no. It's a total head scratcher.

And all that head-scratching is what Lapis Molari acknowledges here. What was kept and what was removed might or might not be to the liking of each individual viewer, but what it definitely has now is much more tonal coherence than it ever had. I mean, I won't deny that I missed certain bits such as the "Don't try to stop me, Smee" scene as for me the highlight of the film has always been Hoffman and Hoskins and the dynamics of their characters, but I understand that stuff had to go for coherence's sake.

And fortunately, about every major problem I had with the film is gone as well. It even removes the one thing I detested the most yet I found potentially unremovable: I always thought this movie's version of the Lost Boys were a bunch of unlikable bullies and punks who behaved in a way that's almost cult-like ("Ru-fi-OOOOO!!!") and even as a kid I thought I would feel more welcome among the pirates. But I'm happy to report that I fond them a lot more likable in this cut. And yes, big Tinkerbelle (a pointless bit demanded by Julia Roberts just to physically share the screen with Robin Williams one) is removed as well. Now that's a happy thought!

And another happy thought is that this fanedit has made me like the Hook movie much better than I ever thought I would. It's still somewhat all-over-the-place, true, but there's only so much that can be done. Also, the timing for its release was perfect (I forgot it was a Christmas movie!) Technically is very well done, a few of the audio transitions are tricky but I don't know whether they can be done any better.

If you like the film, chances are you'll like this version even better. If you don't, you might rediscover and reevaluate it. I know I did. Thanks, Lapis Molari!
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