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Full disclosure: I haven't seen The Hobbit films for a few years, so, other than the most egregious parts of the films, I am a little hazy on what has been cut-out for this edit.

I genuinely found this edit pretty damn good and an enjoyable experience. It had great pacing throughout and it produced a more coherent narrative to that of the original films, which benefitted the Dol Guldur scenes most of all. The film actually felt like Bilbo's story. It was certainly an upgrade to the Theatrical and Extended Edition cuts.

No more love-triangle, Blunt the Knives, less Legolas and Dwarven comical battle actions, less Alfrid, less filler and better Radagast.

Saying that, if this edit was ever re-visited I would recommend cutting the appalling stone giants, so that the scene is a storm and it is that what makes Bilbo fall. Also, less foreshadowing with the ring and replacing Ed Sheeran with The Misty Mountains Cold.

Overall, great edit. Well done.

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(Updated: October 14, 2018) October 14, 2018
I'm assuming the Ed Sheeran reference is regarding the first end credits music for the first movie? I'm not familiar with his music but it felt different enough to know it wasn't from the OST. Personally I didn't mind it but would have preferred your suggestion of The Misty Mountains Cold or another track/score from the OST as Ed Sheeran in my Middle-Earth just feels odd ;P

Regarding the stone giants - from memory these are in the book and Adam's handling of them made them actually work instead of the ridiculously over the top action sequence in the theatrical. Their aesthetic still felt slightly off but overall I think his choice to leave them in was a success, at least for me anyway :)
1 results - showing 1 - 1