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Hobbit: The Original Two-Film Structure, The
August 10, 2018    
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I watched almost every single fan-edit of “The Hobbit” trilogy available out there. I consider the Maple Films Edit (MFE) performed by eldusto84 for very far the best cut. Technically speaking, the MFE is perfect and the running time clocks in 4h. Every single aspect from MFE is flawless and its strongest feature is indeed presenting “The Hobbit” in the closest way to the novel. So, for purists, MFE will be the edit to go without a doubt.

However, if you prefer a more cinematographic approach to the Tolkien’s saga be welcome to experience the most comprehensive cut to enrich “The Lord of the Rings” (LOTR) cinematographic universe. Indeed, Adam Dens claims about his work are undeniable. He accomplished two chapters which are a must before watching LOTR. The visual tone is corrected here and coupled with the one shown in the first trilogy. All the narrative clearly moves forward to be organically integrated into a five-entry saga and for me, this is the greatest achievement of this edit. A big plus in Adam’s edit compared to the MFE cut is the running time. You will enjoy two extra hours of Middle Earth in Adam’s cut and once again this is another first-class feature here. It is not about showing more footage for free but showing more footage for narrative purposes. I personally disliked the theatrical version of “The Hobbit”, I always saw it as a missing chance. Moreover, despite great performances from Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage I felt zero engagement with the story. After Adam’s edit viewing… I experienced the epic once again, I really cared about the different characters and I was moved in many parts of the story.

Endless gratitude for this gift, as Adywan’s work is a masterpiece in the Star Wars universe among fanedits, “Hobbit: The original two-film structure” deserves the same consideration into the ring franchise. Be welcome to experience the best fan edit of the year and ones of the best ever!

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Written by hyp3rion
October 14, 2018
I too have watched the MFE and before today it was my go to edit of The Hobbit...except I never went back to it for some reason. After watching Adams edit, I think the MFE still just didnt do enough to get me invested in the characters and actually feel an emotional connection with them. I think your summation of the two edits is spot on though I will have to re-watch the MFE now to refresh my memory and reconsider which ultimately works best overall. Either way, I definitely agree that Adam's edit is one of the best I have experienced to date and should be a top contender for FEOTY.
1 results - showing 1 - 1