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I watched this recently and liked it. Having recently completed one of these Hobbit edits myself, I wanted to see what the preceding edits were like, and I must say that Lord Elrond's edit was pretty darn close to what I would have done myself.

All the boring extraneous stuff is gone, as well as most of the silliness. The crazy physics is cut, as well as a lot of Radagast. The ring is less emphasized, and I feel its the right move. Azog is cut down significantly-- all the right changes. This is a thoroughly enjoyable experience overall, as a quick trip through Middle Earth. My only complaint is the dinner scene-- I would cut out older Bilbo's narration completely-- it seemed choppy and out of place-- but you can certainly fix this in a Version 2 upload. I'd keep it without those narration scenes at all--helps differentiate it even more from the other Unexpected Journey edits out there. Lord Elrond has turned an otherwise weak film into something good :)

Nice work man, look forward to more

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