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Admittedly, I haven't checked out any other fanedits of The Hobbit, but this particular one is a phenomenal retelling of the film trilogy. I also haven't had the pleasure of reading the source material, so proceed knowing this review has been written from the perspective of the filthiest of casuals.

The Necromancer subplot has been separated into its own bonus episode (I've yet to experience it, but it's available for those who are interested), and its sacrifice enabled Stromboli to create an absolutely breathtaking & flawless adventure narrative. Changing the overall format into five episodes at one hour each makes for easier watching (and easier binging) over the stretched thinness of the original three movies.

Each of the scenes have been edited superbly, and clearly with care & consideration. The actual Battle of the Five Armies in front of Erebor is no longer an acrobatics & CGI clown festival, but an immense war between four races, to name but one example of how Five Edits retells Tolkien's masterpiece and redeems Jackson's adaptation into an unexpected journey reminiscent to the brilliance of the original Lord of the Rings.

Absolutely watch this if you're looking to reignite a passion for fantasy on the big screen.

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