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As I am writing this the last scene, of the last part of the edit is playing and my eyes are wet, my throat has a lump in it, and I have goose bumps on my scalp. The Lord of the Rings, in its conclusion, would bring this emotion up in myself. Never before has The Hobbit been able to cause my heart to swell like this. Jesus, I have watched this movie over the last two (2) days and am so damned upset it is over.

Ok, let me pull myself together. This is a masterpiece. I love this movie. It all works. A lot was removed from the original films, and based on what is left, it should never have been there. I blasted...are you frickin' kidding me?!? I just got it together, the credits are rolling and now Billy Boyd is coming through my speakers singing "The Last Goodbye." ... ... ... I am going to try this again. I initially blasted Peter Jackson for The Hobbit. Then I read about how the production went and all the issues with time, money, and the studio. I realized it wasn't his fault. He did the best he could with what he had. After watching this I see poured his special kind of magic in to these movies as much as he did for LotR. It was just hidden beneath all the "extra". Without pale orcs, inter-species romances, and innumerable extraneous scenes there is an absolutely brilliant movie here.

The sound, the video, the narration, and the enjoyment are perfect. Ok, I know if I go digging I could find SOMETHING I could critique but I am not going to do that. This is it, this the seminal version of this movie. I think it is fitting as such. This edit is a compilation of primarily five (5) major edits and then the editor decided parts of two (2) other edits were needed as well. I can not imagine the number of hours and work went in to making this movie. Considering the total hours used between the eight (8) editors, including the one who wove them together, it makes perfect sense that this would be the result. This feels like someone's life's work and considering the cumulative effort that was put in, it might as well have been.

Let me be clear, I don't care if you like The Hobbit, or Lord of the Rings, or even JRR Tolkien's work; if you like high fantasy in any way shape or form, do yourself a favor and watch this film. I just restarted the credits because I just want to bask in the ambiance of this movie just a little longer...

Thank you Spence, Dustin Lee, L8wtr, Adam Dens, DonKamillo, Wraith, and M4 for all the time and effort you took in making your edits. Stromboli Bones I thank you for having the vision to weave all their respective projects in to a seamless masterpiece. Kudos to you all.

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