Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Comfort Edition, The

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I trimmed many ridiculous over-the-top moments of action and humor (bat-riding Legolas, various apparatus-laden trolls, Dain, Alfrid, etc) to tighten the pace of the battle.
After trying to watch various fanedits of the Hobbit trilogy, I decided to make an edit combining all of my favorite ideas from others along with several of my own.
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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Original Film Score
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Cuts and Additions:
-everything from opening credits to title moved to my DoS edit (now open on Galdalf imprisoned)
-Alfrid scene
-creepy Legolas
-add title card
-Alfrid scene
-Alfrid "pointy hat"
-twirly whirlies & Dain
-Dain yelling
-worm close-up
-Dain fighting
-chariot nonsense & some Azog yelling
-catapult trolls
-catapult & headram trolls
-cart riding Bard & blind troll
-Alfrid scenes
-Thranduil on elk orc overkill
-Azog yelling & Dain fighting
-Thorin's gold fever dream
-Azog yelling & catapult trolls
-fighting dwarf silliness
-Alfrid "wearing corset"
-Dain headbutts, "too many buggers"
-Thorin & Dain "kill piece of filth" to "singlehanded"
-trim chariot "hold tight lads" to "Durin save you all"
-chariot vs trolls
-chariot on ice to wargs on ice
-"too old for this"
-Galdalf vs troll
-"no more than 100"
-fighting dwarfs vs trolls
-Legolas on bat
-moved up Thorin fighting orcs on ledge
-Bilbo knocked out scene transitions to Azog throws Thorin onto ice
-anti-gravity Legolas running
-trim Thorin vs ball & chain Azog
-mentioning Arathorn, "true name"

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