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First off: my Enjoyment level just beeing 8 is purely because of the Films themselves.
I´m somehow over the Hobbit, if you know what i mean.
I have never read the Hobbit or LOTR and so i was ok with pretty much everything back when it came out. Except, i felt it all in parts repetitiv and to long. That was before the Extended Cuts came out.
And dont get me wrong, all the Fans love the effort and thet Directors even care enough to put so much work into something is great.

This Edit came to play because i wanted to try different approaches to the whole, so i watched the Marple Cut that was mentioned a lot on the net. And than i was given the DonKamillo CVut of The Batman in his Mini Series Format that i loved somuch.
The only thing to do know, was to see the Hobbit again in this Series Format and i did something that i have not expected: I made me have real Fun with the whole thing again.
The Episodical Format works so well in this case, one can start and with ho stress watch the rest later :)

The films really are Dustcollectors on my Shelf now.
DonKamillo's edting is excellent- the cuts are seamless (for me).
Eeach episode moves with the pace it needs and so much Buffermaterial is gone.
I did not miss anything. I had room to let the Episode sink in, when i felt it was needed and came back to the next one.

As a miniseries, done by DonKamillo, this is the second time i enjoyed a film more after his touches.
I tip my Cap to you DK.


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