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Watching a HOBBIT edit for me is difficult, since I am naturally conflicted having spent 4 year building mine.

HOWEVER, with the passage of time, memories fade, wounds heal...and Don Kamillo's was the first I had seen (back in August 2021) in a very long time (having only watched a handful previously, Spence's being one of them).

First up, I really appreciated the 5 episode structure. Not least because I could watch this over a few days...but now, let's get into the weeds.

Audio/Video Quality - 10
There is nothin to fault here. I watched this on a 55 Inch TV - Clean.

Visual Editing - 10

There are many original and unexpected creative choices in this edit, which I will not spoil by detailing too many. They are expertly executed with real finesse in places since the changes are NOT as easy to pull off as one would imagine. I was genuinely impressed.

Audio Editing - 10
Similarly, watching and waiting for that tell tale sign of a movies I know so well repeatedly surprised me as my mind would naturally expect a certain piece of music or audio to follow, only to be gently (and seamlessly) taken off in a new direction. Very fine work there.

Narrative - 10
I have to score the narrative on the basis of "does it work"? "Is there something wrong"?
This CANNOT be... "oooo I don't like that"...that's not point of this category...The Q is "does it work, flow and engage"?
YUP - Sure does folks!!, Even with the multiple inclusions/excisions which I did not make, here in DK's vision they absolutely make sense and do not create any anachronisms or continuity issues. Once again, disciplined and informed choices all round.
The choices I made in my edit are IRRELEVANT. One must be objective.

Enjoyment - 9
My enjoyment of this creation was through the roof frankly, not least because it did take me on a new journey and one which I thoroughly enjoyed. Inevitably,subjectivity will inform this category; I have reluctantly docked one point here since there were some choices I would like to have seen NOT make it into this edit...but that in no way should diminish the fact that this was a superb assembly and execution, with very well placed episode endings, each episode being well paced and feeling self contained with no real jarring content...ANTI-CRINGE for sure.


Thanks you for being so gracious and patient when I was unsuccessfully trying to unzip this. You were polite, constructive and a true gentleman and professional.

See you in the Trenches !

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