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There is already quite a bit of buzz about this edit all over the fanediting world. I came to this forum to request it. I have my own forum with a bunch of my own edits and never desired to join this forum so I hope that Wraith and the editors of the other edits that I couldn't seem to get any other way, appreciate my effort.

I never desired to edit any of the Middle Earth movies, Harry Potter movies or Game of Thrones. So many legendary editors have already gone there.

I have watched a lot of the Hobbit edits. The Tolkien Edit and M4 Book Cut are memorable. I think Spence edit too. I know Wraith is known for his Godfather edits. I didn't know he tried his hand at The Hobbit.

I must say that I fully agree that this is the best Hobbit edit if you are looking for the movie to prequel the Lord of The Rings. As others have mentioned, the darker more serious tone completely compliments the mood of the book and the Lord of The Rings Trilogy.

I am able to tell that so many things have been cut out to make the movie more serious. I caught a few little glitches here and there because I am tuned to those things. I won't allow them to deter a perfect score.

I'm not going to say that this edit is perfect as so many others have. I will say that it us as close as an editor is likely to get to creating the perfect Hobbit edit.

I recommend this for the Lord of The Rings fans who want their prequel movie.

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