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First of all let me say that I downloaded the wrong version and wanted to see 'into the fire' but instead watched this...
Now saying that, I was hugely disappointed. Yes the love triangle and the elves antics are gone, but this is still a rubbish movie, no offence to Ranger613, it's not his fault.
There is just no tension and it still feels like everything is pointless and it is just leading to a battle with a dragon.
The scene at the beginning at Beorns house is completely pointless, they get some horses, then swiftly abandon them and go into a forest. Wtf? Likewise going to the elves achieved nothing and even laketown and going up in the toilet. There is ZERO character development and ZERO tension. None of it matters.
Being a fan of the book, Ranger613 did an excellent job as usual and it was my mistake in downloading the wrong film, I'm sure his other version is superior in every way, but I'll hold out for a three in one where this film is almost completely cut out.

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Owner's reply November 16, 2014

Hi yoshif8tures, first off, thanks for downloading and watching man, always appreciated. But I think the points you made are things you dislike with the original movie which I cannot fix-- I can only cut as much as I can out; the Hobbit will always be what it is: a disappointment-- best I can do is make it more palatable by hopefully improving the pacing and trimming things. While I could have completely cut out Beorn and Mirkwood altogether, the movie would then be about 45 minutes, and more importantly, would deviate even more from the books than Peter Jackson did, because those things did happen in the book, they were just executed really poorly. If I may make a suggestion? my Into the Fire edit does not change anything in terms of plot other than cut out even more-- there's no crazy barrel fight, and there's no dragon fight at the end-- it still has the same Beorn, Mirkwood and Laketown scenes, so I would maybe skip it? Because it would be more of the same and I can't fix the problems you refer to. Even though many people are disappointed with the way PJ handled these movies, I'm still glad they're at least still making Tolkien's stuff--they're very flawed but still fixable, and I'm sorry this edit didn't work for you. I always appreciate the feedback tho, and thanks again for watching my friend! Cheers, Kris

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