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I mostly echo kellenpure. Overall there's a lot to like about this and it is certainly an improvement over the theatrical cut. That said, deeper cuts ARE needed IMO and, I'm happy to say, Ranger has provided those deeper cuts in his soon-to-be-released Into The Fire cut. That is my preferred version, but if you like the more over-the-top action, this is the one for you. I have never read The Hobbit, so I am not a "book purist," but I want these movies to work with the LotR trilogy and I'm afraid, for me, those scenes just don't fit the tone. I'm not an editor, but I didn't perceive any technical issues. Narratively, I'll stick to Into The Fire (and that one will get higher marks from me when posted), but that is merely preference and I do believe many will prefer this version. I was very happy to contribute in my small way. Great job!

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Owner's reply June 25, 2014

Thank you for the support Moe! Look forward to see what you think of Into the Fire :)

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