Hobbit: Battle for the Lonely Mountain, The

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Follow up to "The Hobbit: The Last Light". The conclusion of the Hobbit story without all the cringe worthy moments.
After watching "An Unexpected Journey: Arkenstone edition" (which I consider the best fanedit of the first Hobbit film) and "Fire and Water" (which serves as the basis for my "The Last Light" edit), I tried to create a fanedit that would conclude the story in the best way I possibly could.
Additional Notes:
This was an experiment for me on two fronts: 1. This was my first time editing. Ever. 2. I did not know (nor did I believe), there would be enough material in "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" (minus the Smaug scenes, since that one already happened in prequel edit) to salvage for a decent film. I was aiming to get to the 2 hours runtime. I'm genuinely surprised I got there; And I cut out everything I planned to cut - not leaving anything just for the sake of runtime. After my first version was not successful, I decided to reevaluate my approach and realised I had to make alterations to "Fire and Water" to make this the edit I wanted it to be. And so, "The Last Light" was created. Thus, this edit is planned as a sequel to "The Last Light" (a fanedit of "The Desolation of Smaug"). And though it doesn't matter what version of "An Unexpected Journey" you watch, I strongly recommend the "Arkenstone Edition"
Other Sources:
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies OST
Special Thanks:
TM2YC for reviewing, great ideas and support.
Spence for his wonderful edit.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
- Make a version of "The Battle of the Five Armies" that I can enjoy.
- Cut all the silly stuff.
- Make it focused on Bilbo as much as possible.
Cuts and Additions:
- Applied color correction to get rid of the blue tint
- New opening scene (since Smaug's death was at the end of my prequel edit) including alternative music.
- Alfrid cut entirely. My prequel edit sort of implies he died during Smaug's attack on Laketown.
- Legolas and Tauriel appear only towards the end to warn about the second Orc army. Where were they all this time? Scouting the region, probably.
- Bard doesn't ride on a carriage through the streets of Dale
- Cut scene of Bifur losing his axe.
- Ride to Ravenhill trimmed
- Legolas doesn't fly with bats and doesn't ride on a Troll.
- Alternative Ravenhill fight sequence
- Legolas doesn't fight Bolg. In the prequel edit I cut out the Orcs' attack on Laketown, so Legolas vs. Bolg is not a thing anymore.
- Fight between Thorin and Azog is without iterruptions. Acknowledgement should go to the Spence edit for this cut.
- Thranduil doesn't share scenes with neither Tauriel or Legolas
- Restored Gandalf's eulogy at Thorin's funeral.

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Belgarath does it again with the third and final entry in the Hobbit trilogy.

Just as with The Last Light, this fanedit provides a story focused experience. Having dealt with the most appartent threat before starting this edit, it can move forward to the actual battle. And what a battle we get to enjoy between all the armies involved.

Again, I am a bit dissapointed that Legolas wasn't removed completely, but its a minor complaint since removing him would have meant removing Tauriel.

Regretfully, this edit continues the trend to release audio tracks in 2.0 only. A/V Quality points are deducted as per my personal policy.

At the end of the day a worthy replacement for the original release.
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