Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey Q2 Edition, The

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Brief Synopsis:
Sourced from the recently released 4k UHD Blu-Ray extended editions, this edit is fairly light. I love the epic feel of the LOTR movies, I just didn't appreciate Peter Jackson harnessing his inner Lucas by going Star Wars Prequels on these films.
To maintain the epic feel of the extended edition but cutting the "sillier" material.
Special Thanks:
Special thanks to DSM2337 for taking an early look and providing feedback.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
- cut Biblo saying it was the beginning of a long friendship since next we see Biblo and Gandolph, Biblo doesn't recognize him
- cut dwarf throwing moldy food over shoulder
- cut drinking/aburping "joke"
- trimmed dwarf cleaning bit
- cut snoring and inhaling insects
- cut intro to Brown Wizard
- cut snot "jokes"
- cut stick insect coming out of mouth
- cut Brown Wizard calming nerves by smoking
- cut draw song at Rivendell
- cut scene of dwarfs bathing
- cut the stone giants
- cut goblin-town song
- cut "Made in Rivendell" joke
- cut most of second goblin-town song
- cut Gandolph beheading goblin joke
- cut ring dancing on Bilbo's fingers
- cut Wilhem scream
- cut fat dwarf swarmed by goblins and breaking through walkway
- cut goblin king saying, "That'll do it"
- trimmed numerous shots in the final battle
Original cover art by ashlyfxxk

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