Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Entirely Respectable Edition, The

Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Entirely Respectable Edition, The
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Brief Synopsis:
The 'Entirely Respectable Edition' seeks to remove all material that is silly, overplayed, misjudged, overly comical, ridiculous and generally inconsistent with the more serious tone established in the earlier 'Lord of the Rings' Trilogy. It is not a radical restructure, or a two-film cut and does not set out to streamline narrative, quicken pacing, or remove characters and plot-threads. The more time we spend in Middle Earth the better, I just want Middle Earth to be a more sensible place while we're there.

I was kind of glad Guillermo del Toro didn't get to Direct because as much as I love his movies, he was never going to make films that were tonally and stylistically consistent with the LoTR series... unfortunately neither did Peter Jackson. The serious, grand and relatively realistic tone of LoTR, was mixed with a new more childish, silly, comic and overblown style. Thankfully there is enough good material that a Fanedit should be able to fix everything.

Additional Notes:
"I've noticed a tendency for The Hobbit Trilogy to get rather silly. Now I'll do my best to keep things moving along but I'm not having things getting silly. The first two films got very silly indeed and that last one about the armies was even sillier. Now, nobody likes a good laugh more than I do, except perhaps my wife and some of her friends. Oh yes, and Captain Johnson. Come to think of it, most people like a good laugh more than I do, but that's beside the point. Now, let's have a good, clean, healthy Tolkien film. Get some air into your lungs. Ten, nine, eight and all that".
Other Sources:
- The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Theatrical Blu-Ray)
- The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Extended Edition Blu-Ray)
- The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Special Edition Soundtrack)
- The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Extended Edition Blu-Ray)
- On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Blu-Ray)
- THX 1138: Special Edition (Blu-Ray)
- freesound.org (Various SoundFX)
- youtube.com (Various FX Clips)

Special Thanks:
Thanks to the people who gave feedback in the project thread including: revstevens, jrWHAG42, moviefan95, Masirimso17, DigModiFicaTion, douchebag, addiesin, Gaith and Nic.

Thanks to Faneditors Funny Puzzle, Kerr and L8wrter for their inspiring cuts of this film.
Release Information:
Special Features
- 1080x800 mp4 448Mhz Stereo 10GB
Editing Details:
- No silliness allowed... fun yes, humour yes, silliness no.
- Picture regraded to tone down the excessive levels of saturation and to drain some of the bright blue from the shadows. A warmer look with some added grain to bring things closer to LoTR.
- FYI: 14-minute prologue is unchanged.
- Thorin, Balin, Kili (and to a lesser extent Bofur and Dwalin) are important characters, the rest of the Dwarfs are supporting characters. Oodles of screen-time is no longer devoted to giving each and every one of the 13 Dwarfs their own comedy moments and character traits. If they have something important to say, or do then fine, otherwise... cut!
- Of all the Dwarfs, Ori is trimmed the most. His childish voice is annoying, his use of a small catapult in battle is pathetic and he generally does and says little that isn't very silly indeed.
- The Misty Mountains song is totally awesome. All other songs are removed in this edit because they are dreadfully misjudged. The ludicrous Plates sequence has been terminated with a vengeance, plus Bofur's song in Rivendell and the Goblin King's two numbers.
- Thorin's dislike of Bilbo has been toned down to just enough to serve each other's character arcs. Too much and Thorin came off as petulant and spiteful.
- No f***ing stupid Radagast rabbit-powered sleigh! Easily the silliest thing in the whole Hobbit trilogy. I may not have attempted an edit of AUJ if I couldn't have thought of a way to remove it 100%.
- Radagast no longer ever meets the Dwarfs. His scene with them has been repurposed as a flashback featuring just him and Gandalf. Also the Dwarfs escape the first Warg pack on their own, without Radagast's help.
- The Rivendell scenes now go from day to night and from night back to day, instead of jumping all over the place at random.
- Chase through Goblin Town has been trimmed down to a frantic hack'n'slash against impossible odds. The silly and outlandish nonsense is gone.
- Bilbo meeting Gollum now takes place before all the Goblin King scenes.
- Azog does not appear in this edit until the very moment Thorin sees him again because I always like the audience to be on the same page as our protagonists. Azog is a very boring and one dimensional character anyway, in all three films. He needs to be a figure of psychological torment for Thorin and nothing more.

Cuts and Additions:
00.00.00 - TM2YC and FE.org titlecards added.
00.00.27 - Replaced 3D studio titlecards with less elaborate ones from the LoTR era (from FoTR, OHMSS and THX 1138 blu-rays)
00.01.06 - Tinted the titles blue to match the look of the LoTR titles.
00.14.35 - Reframed first shot of young Bilbo so that his eyes are in the exact same area of the frame as the next cut (for a smooth transition).
00.14.41 - Cropped shot to remove "60 years earlier..." title. I dislike these films having onscreen titles and this one is unnecessary anyway, it's blatantly obvious that we have moved backwards in time several decades.
00.14.55 - Reframed shot of Bilbo to be halfway between the framing of the preceding and following shots.
00.20.06 - Removed Bilbo saying "Do we know each other?" and Dwalin replying "No!?" as I always felt Dwalin's line was way overplayed.
00.21.36 - Removed Balin and Dwalin headbutting each other. It's too silly for my tastes and was only there as a distracting meta reference to a crew tradition from the LoTR trilogy.
00.21.51 - Removed 14-seconds of Bilbo dithering on and Dwalin and Balin talking about blue cheese. It was pointless and I don't believe Dwarfs have never heard of blue cheese.
00.21.57 - Removed 1-second of silence to improve the comedy timing of Balin's reply to Bilbo.
00.22.12 - Removed Kili saying "You must be Mr Boggins". It bordered on silly, plus removing it improves the comedy timing of Bilbo's annoyed response. I like that he's closing the door in their smiling and friendly faces and not in response to them getting his name wrong.
00.22.18 - Removed 1-second of silence to quicken the timing of Bilbo's line and make him seem even more irritable.
00.22.28 - Removed 14-seconds of Fili and Kili in Bilbo's entrance. Sure Dwarfs are a bit uncouth but Kili scraping his muddy boots on Bilbo's antiques just makes him look like an a***hole. Plus the shot gets pretty close in on Kili in his very different early makeup appliance.
00.23.15 - Removed 14-seconds of Bifur talking to Bilbo about the axe stuck in his head and some weak Oin "I'm deaf" humour. Okay I can't remove the idiotic axe from Bifur's head but I can at least not draw attention to it.
00.23.32 - Removed 20-seconds of faintly silly Dori dialogue about Camomile tea.
00.24.07 - Removed 14-seconds of more Dori silliness, this time about red wine.
00.24.32 - Removed 2.5-minutes of total stupidity (including a burping competition and puns about Croquet and testicles) and of course the awfully silly plates song sequence is gone. Thorin's sudden arrival now simply interrupts the Dwarf's loud drinking session.
00.25.32 - Removed Thorin sarcastically saying "Thought as much", in order to tone down his behaviour towards Bilbo.
00.26.36 - Removed 2-minutes of the Dwarfs generally bickering round the table and delivering vague unnecessary exposition.
00.28.59 - Removed a bad looking FX shot of Gandalf and toned down how angry he gets.
00.30.48 - Shortened time it takes for Bilbo to faint, which improves the comedy timing IMO.
00.31.02 - Removed 7-seconds of Gandalf talking about doilies and dishes (which references things I cut earlier).
00.38.08 - Removed 13-seconds of Bilbo excitedly running through the Shire shouting "I'm going on an adventure!". I don't think he should be that confident and elated, it's just a crazy impulse decision that he almost immediately regrets. Rescored and reworked soundmix.
00.40.58 - Removed 16-seconds of Bombur inhaling flies. Rescored.
00.42.15 - Removed an odd reaction shot from Fili. I thought it added the feint suggestion that he was hearing Thorin's history for the first time.
00.48.56 - Removed 8-seconds that showed birds living in Radagast's hat.
00.49.25 - Removed 8-seconds of overly cutesy and anthropomorphic hedgehog business.
00.51.39 - Removed 12-seconds of Radagast riding his rabbit sleigh to Dol Guldur. Rescored and reworked soundmix.
00.53.25 - Removed Gandalf saying "I've had enough of Dwarfs for one day". Probably not a good idea to say out-loud what the audience might be secretly thinking.
00.55.06 - Removed 8-seconds of Bilbo going back for the bowls. Absent mindedly taking them with him is believable and funny but not him forgetting, remembering and then actually going back for them.
00.56.15 - Removed 10-seconds of the Trolls arguing about snot. Added soundFX.
00.56.23 - Removed 15-seconds of the Trolls arguing about stinky parts.
00.56.42 - Removed 27-seconds of the Trolls arguing about grog. I also felt the use of the term "laughing gear" was too specifically Kiwi/Aussie/Limey for Middle-Earth.
00.57.12 - Removed 7-seconds of the Trolls going on about "'ooters".
00.57.23 - Removed the annoying high-pitched Troll saying "An oversized squirrel?".
00.57.25 - Removed the annoying high-pitched Troll saying "A burglar Hobbit?".
00.58.10 - Removed 6-seconds where the cockney Troll says "You what?" like Ray Winstone and also removed Kili's reply. Now the Troll just grunts menacingly and throws Bilbo.
00.58.55 - Removed 4-seconds of the useless Ori waving his catapult about.
00.59.02 - Removed 7-seconds where Dori kicks a Troll in the nuts. Cut retimed so Dwalin only makes one big swing with his hammer knocking the Troll's teeth out.
00.59.23 - Removed 3-seconds of the Dwarfs considering whether they should let the Trolls kill Bilbo.
00.59.34 - Removed a joke shot of Ori throwing his catapult down.
00.59.45 - Removed the annoying high-pitched Troll saying "Oooh, that does sound quite nice".
01.02.09 - Removed 3 shots where the Trolls make jokes about Gandalf's entrance, which somewhat diminished the awesome-ness of said entrance. Rescored and reworked soundmix.
01.02.55 - Replaced shot of Thorin smiling, with shot of him looking sheepish.
01.03.07 - Replaced shot of Thorin Looking sheepish, with shot of him smiling. This way his reaction to Bilbo's quick thinking seems a tiny bit more friendly.
01.03.09 - Adjusted the timing of Gandalf and Thorin within this shot by splitting it down the middle (to sync with the last change).
01.05.17 - Removed Gloin's joke about "Making a long term deposit". Reworked soundmix.
01.06.38 - Changed first shot of Sting so it glows blue as the Warg pack draws near.
01.06.51 - Brought forward shot of forest canopy and reworked soundmix.
01.06.56 - Removed Radagast from the scene involving the Warg pack and meeting the Dwarfs (it's used later as a flashback). The approaching sound they hear is now simply the Wargs.
01.07.14 - Cropped shot to remove Radagast.
01.07.22 - Cropped shot to remove Radagast.
01.07.23 - Cropped shot to remove Radagast.
01.07.39 - Increased zoom-in on Gandalf's worried face to make his last shot look a touch more impactful. Added soundFX.
01.07.40 - Removed all traces of Radagast and his Rabbit sleigh from the chase across the plains. Sequence of events radically reordered to portray our heroes being circled and trapped by the Wargs. Rescored and reworked soundmix.
01.09.52 - Removed Dwarlin shouting "He's abandoned us" about Gandalf. He loses faith in his companion far too easily.
01.09.54 - Removed 7-seconds of Ori shooting his pointless slingshot at a Warg to zero effect.
01.16.31 - Removed Thorin saying "Indeed? He made no mention of you" to Elrond. It made Thorin sound childish and petulant. He now just looks back at Elrond with distrust (I swapped his and Bilbo's reactions shots around).
01.16.50 - Removed 5-seconds of the Dwarfs whispering about the food. It's better comedy timing to just have them immediatly accept.
01.17.00 - Removed Ori saying "I don't like green food".
01.17.04 - Removed Ori saying "Have they got any chips?".
01.17.24 - Removed Kili winking at the Elf maid. Now he just smiles sweetly at her, so much cuter.
01.17.32 - Intercut Nori stealing things and Kili's dialogue about Elf maids. This allowed me to move around some other shots.
01.17.38 - Used Dwalin reaction shot to cover the "dirrrty" curled lip thing that Kili does.
01.17.49 - Removed a shot of Kili looking angry when he realises the "Elf Maid" is a dude. Kili is comfortable with his sexuality in my cut.
01.17.56 - Removed 9-seconds of Oin stuffing his ear trumpet to drown out the Elf music.
01.18.24 - Moved Bilbo and Balin discussing Sting to later in the scene but retained a shot of him looking down at it. Added soundFX (Based on a similar cut from Kerr's 'Arkenstone Edition' fanedit).
01.18.34 - Replaced Elrond asking "and what were you doing on the Great East Road?" with the later "...strange traveling companions Gandalf" (Based on a similar cut from Kerr's 'Arkenstone Edition' fanedit).
01.18.39 - Removed Elrond and Gandalf discussing the Dwarfs, the daft Inn song and the silly food fight. Replaced it with Bilbo and Balin's talk about Sting after Thorin leaves, so the scene ends on Bilbo (Based on a similar cut from Kerr's 'Arkenstone Edition' fanedit).
01.19.00 - Used shot of harp player to make new transition into daytime scene. Rescored and remixed audio, plus extra soundFX.
01.19.01 - Removed 2-minute scene of Azog on Weathertop killing the Warg Pack Captain (the audience can now just assume he was killed by Elrond's riders, if they give his absence any thought at all) and brought forward scene of Bilbo exploring Rivendell in the daytime.
01.21.19 - Remixed audio transition into first Rivendell night scene establishing shot.
01.21.23 - Brought forward long shot of Library interior to act as new establishing shot.
01.21.30 - Swapped around Bilbo's reaction shots.
01.21.43 - Removed Gandalf shouting "Show it to Lord Elrond" at Thorin. Thorin is now wise enough to listen to reason and come to his senses quicker.
01.24.29 - Removed scene showing bad-CGI Dwarfs naked in a fountain.
01.24.39 - Removed Bombur breaking the chair because of a sausage.
01.29.57 - Removed 13-seconds of Saruman claiming Radagast takes magic-mushrooms. Added music.
01.30.21 - Inserted scene between Gandalf and Radagast discussing Dol Goldur (sans Dwarfs) as a flashback just after Galadriel says "Show me". This clever edit should be credited to FunnyPuzzle, although I've executed it slightly differently. Rearranged and trimmed Radagast's dialogue in order to avoid using shots with Dwarfs all over the frame.
01.30.23 - Cropped shot of Radagast to remove one dwarf and graded another green to disguise him.
01.30.31 - Inserted shot of Radagast on the bridge of Dol Goldur, timed with his "I followed their trail" line. This works as a nice flashback element and also serves to replace a Dwarf heavy shot. Added some general evil soundFX (Based on a similar cut from FunnyPuzzle's 'The Battle of Dol Guldur' mini-fanedit).
01.30.45 - Masked over a Dwarf in the distance of this shot of Radagast.
01.30.51 - Removed Dol Golddur bridge shot (used earlier).
01.31.49 - Removed 18-seconds of Radagast riding his silly rabbit sleigh.
01.31.53 - Added smoke FX to shot of Gandalf to link it visually with the preceding one of Radagast.
01.31.56 - Removed 17-seconds of Radagast smoking weed and going cross-eyed. Far too silly.
01.32.18 - Used reversed shot of Gandalf with a slow zoom out to transition us out of the flashback. Remixed music.
01.32.20 - Removed 2-seconds of Gandalf reaching under the table for the blade.
01.41.50 - Removed 5-seconds of Thorin losing his footing and nearly falling to his death. Thorin rescuing Bilbo without a moments thought (like a true hero) and then chewing him out for his mistake is acceptable. Thorin admonishing Bilbo after making the exact same mistake is not. It made Thorin look like a spiteful and hypocritical a***hole.
01.42.09 - Removed Thorin saying "He has no place amongst us" to tone down his behaviour towards Bilbo.
01.42.51 - Removed 28-second Azog hunting scene.
01.47.41 - Brought forward main Gollum sequence as I always felt it was dramatically ill-judged to setup the Dwarfs in danger, then have a 13-minute dialogue scene about riddles and finally resolve the Dwarf danger. Much better to let the audience enjoy the extended riddle game, without them worrying about what the Goblin King is up to for 13-minutes. Rebuilt soundmix and score across the new transition.
01.53.48 - I felt that both Serkis and Freeman massively overplay the "...eats it whole" moment, so I've let Gollum's line continue over Bilbo's reaction shot, improving the timing IMO.
02.01.08 - Removed 2.5-minute silly Goblin King song (and assorted nonsense) and replaced it with almost a minute of the more sensible Theatrical-Cut introduction to Goblin Town.
02.01.50 - Cut back to EE Goblin King scene.
02.02.16 - Removed the Goblin King looking at the bottom of the candlestick and saying "Made in Rivendell".
02.02.20 - Removed Nori saying "Just a couple of keepsakes". Now Dori simply looks at him in disbelief, funnier and more subtle IMO.
02.02.55 - Removed 4-seconds of Bofur stalling. It's pretty silly but retaining some of it does allow Thorin to have this "Spartacus" moment.
02.03.07 - Removed Bofur saying "Some inbreds on me Mother's side".
02.04.43 - Stitched the two halves of the Goblin King scene back together by intercutting the messenger trundling away and the Goblin discovering Orcrist. Reworked soundmix.
02.04.47 - Removed Goblin King's second shorter 14-second song.
02.07.08 - Removed FX shot that always struck me as weird looking because Bilbos buttons fly into Gollum's face (right into his eyes in fact) yet he doesn't blink.
02.07.55 - Removed 16-seconds of Dwalin using a large pole like snooker cue clearing balls. Looks silly.
02.08.02 - Removed 8-seconds that involves a "Wilhelm Scream", which I've begun to really loath.
02.08.10 - Added more metallic and gore soundFX to Bofur's hammer.
02.08.21 - Removed 12-seconds of Oin twirling round and the silliness involving the Goblins on ropes swinging around like yo-yos.
02.08.25 - Removed 16-seconds of Kili using a ladder as a comedy battering ram and then as a bridge.
02.08.31 - Removed 16-seconds of the Dwarfs playing on a swing.
02.08.39 - Removed 6-seconds of Bombur silliness.
02.09.37 - Removed the Goblin King saying "That'll do it". Real characters don't make jokes about their own deaths, to their killers. Now Gandalf just cuts him up, with added gore soundFX and remixed sound.
02.09.46 - Removed 8-seconds of very silly falling. The fall down the chasm has to be there but now it's as short as possible (which is still very long)
02.10.01 - Removed Bofor joking "Well that could have been worse" before the Goblin king's body lands on them. I tried without the body but it makes such a fitting "Cymbal crash" finale to the chase, that I had to keep it.
02.10.04 - Removed Dwalin's boringly generic "You've got to be joking" line, leaving it open for the audience to laugh, or not.
02.13.07 - Removed Dwalin saying "Curse that Halfling". Again with the OOT lack of faith in his companions.
02.13.21 - Removed Thorin saying "Master Baggins saw his chance and he took it". Totally overplays his feelings about Bilbo.
02.15.21 - Removed 14-second scene showing us Azog before the characters see him. Reworked soundmix so the Dwarfs are suddenly started by the cry of a Warg. Regraded scene too more smoothly shift from day to dusk.
02.16.03 - Removed Ori accidentally hitting a Warg. Added soundFX.
02.16.15 - Removed Bofur walking on Dwalin's head.
02.16.28 - Removed a jokey shot of Bombur.
02.23.26 - Removed 9-seconds of footage between Bilbo defending Thorin and the rest of the Dwarfs running in to help him. The gap was way too long and overplayed the moment.
02.27.53 - Cropped shot of Bilbo a little closer, hopefully making the absence of Gandalf less of an obvious continuity error in the original film.
02.28.00 - Removed a shot of Gandalf to use later, which also nicely shortens the awkward silence between Thorin and Bilbo.
02.28.02 - Removed Thorin saying "You nearly got yourself killed" in order to tone down his fake anger at Bilbo. Covered the removal with the earlier Gandalf shot.
02.28.13 - Removed Thorin saying "...and you would not survive in the wild" and a long awkward silence, once again to tone down his fake anger at Bilbo.
02.29.53 - Adjusted the camera movement and trimmed the shot of Thorin so it does not begin to pan down toward Bilbo.
02.29.55 - Adjusted the camera movement and trimmed the shot of Bilbo so it does not start by panning toward Bilbo.
02.29.57 - Removed Bilbo saying "You know, you're right. I do believe the worst is behind us". I prefer to end on a genuinely positive note and not a joke about speaking to soon. We the audience still see the shot of Smaug but our characters do not.
02.30.00 - Used long shot of the Dwarfs as their final shot (with a slow zoom out)
02.41.05 - Regraded strange bright orange Warner logo.
02.41.13 - Added fanedit credits with music.

Original Runtime: 3-hours, 2-minutes
Fanedit Runtime: 2-hours, 41-minutes
Time Added: 1-minute (used Goblin King intro from Theatrical Cut)
Time Removed: 22-minutes
Cover art by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Warg Chase Recut (No rabbit sleigh)

Goblin Chase Recut (Nonsense removed)

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5 reviews
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Overall rating
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Visual Editing
Audio Editing
I enjoyed, pretty much every edit of the hobbit improves it and this is no expeption

User Review

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(Updated: November 24, 2021)
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
The short version:

Anyone who is interested in watching a version of The Hobbit that keeps the large majority of the originals, but dials back the silliness pretty heavily, would be wise to check out TM2YC’s work! I personally don’t care for the Radagast/White Council parts, but TM2YC made it much more digestible, so if you as a viewer don’t mind those parts, or think they’re “meh” then you will find this version very palatable and, in my humble opinion, superior to the originals.

Everything about this edit is seamless. Literally nothing stood out to me, it all the edits were seamless and it was executed very well. I have a couple very small critiques about certain scenes being included, but overall this edit was fantastic and flawlessly done. Great job here TM2YC!

I wrote the rest of this review WHILE watching the edit to provide a less formal play-by-play-review. I figured it could be refreshing for some people to read my live reactions and thought process put to paper in what I hope comes off as more organic than a traditional wordy review! I had the cutlist pulled up and would read the list for each of his parts before and after watching them, and sometimes in the middle when I noticed a cut. (To clarify, like I said above I only noticed cuts because I know this material forwards and backwards)

The Long Version:

-This edit is extensive with the Micro-cutting, but light on the Macro-cutting; Only 31 minutes cut from the total runtime, but bolstering a VERY extensive cutlist full of small snips, adjustments, and rearrangements.

-Loved your cut of "you must be Mr. Boggins" you were absolutely correct, it's far funnier that after a very cordial introduction Bilbo is just goes "Nope."

I…..I’m not angry that you cut out Blunt the Knives, but….did you have to? :( In all seriousness I totally get it, I just love the song.

HOWEVER….I really like what you did here with its removal, the pacing of the Bag End sequence was tightened up considerably by removing it and the other overly silly stuff. I actually REALLY liked how you removed that bit of silliness at the table prior to Gandalf giving Thorin the key, and even Blunt the Knives, contrary to what I just said! ……You may have changed something in me here and I’m not sure how I feel about it

The bit where Gandalf mentions the dragon doesn’t surprise Bilbo like it did originally because you cut out the previous scene where Bofur describes Smaug to him and Bilbo is like “yeah I know what a dragon is” I'm not sure if this is a critique or not, just something I noticed

Honestly I haven’t seen any of the scenes regarding the White Council and Radagast in forever, and while I personally don’t care for them, I can say that the work you did with them as a whole made them far more palatable.

GREAT work with removing Radagast from the Warg chase. Watching the appendices for how/why they did what they did here made me appreciate what they were going for, but it’s definitely not great lol. Your version is much better!

I’ve never seen anyone rearrange the day/night sequences in Rivendell. Very interesting to see it done this way! You also kept some of the more controversial bits from the dinner, but I actually liked the elf maid joke, so I appreciated that you left it in, but fixed it up!

The Radagast/Gandalf flashback was very nicely done!

I think keeping the storm giants was a questionable call, I understand why some people like this bit but it destroys all sense of danger for the company, in my opinion

Edit - I will concede that while I don't like the storm giants scene for the above reasons, I wouldn't actually go so far as to call them "silly" so I can't actually fault you for leaving them!

Staying with Bilbo to have the Gollum sequence instead of cutting to the dwarves was also something I don’t think I’ve seen before!

I was a bit surprised to see that you left in the dwarves’ slide down into the goblin tunnels, as well as part of the extended edition discussion with the Goblin King with Bofur’s silly monologue. As well as Gandalf decapitating that goblin with a slice and then gently bonking his head off. (Not necessarily a critique, just an observation!) Note: I just saw that you mentioned this bit in your cutlist

Leaving in the Golbin King’s resurgence and subsequent falling-on-the-dwarves is another thing I feel you could have cut to reduce the silly factor further!

All the adjustments you made to the Eagles and Azog bit were well done!

Absolutely not a critique, just letting you know: Thorin says “Did I not say that you would be a burden, that you would not survive in the wild….I have never been so wrong in all my life” but in your cutlist you state that you cut out the “that you would not survive in the wild” part. Again, not a negative, just FYI!

I very much liked that you toned down how much Thorin seems to detest Bilbo throughout this film. I get that he was fairly averse to having him along but I always felt it was pretty over-the-top. Good move.

All-in-all, great work here. I’ll be watching the next two versions over the course of the next few days and posting my reviews for them as well!

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Overall rating
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This is another Hobbit fanedit I really enjoyed, this time an attempt to bring it closer to the Lord of the Rings trilogy tonally speaking. Conceptually, it sounds weird given how the book is lighter than the Rings trilogy, but having seen the entire edit, it's surprisingly fantastically executed. As always for a TM2YC edit, the cuts and trims made are very smart changes, it moves incredibly smoothly, and the editing and A/V quality is absolutely terrific throughout. Very impressive.

User Review

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(Updated: February 13, 2019)
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
Like any other edit from TM2YC, this edit is of excellent quality in both video and audio. The color grading makes every frame look like a sketch taken from a book. And if you know the editing style of TM2YC - he will salvage the most out of any movie, only removing and trimming the most unnecessary stuff. This edit is no different. There's a lot of impressive edits here, big and small, that make the movie better.

TM2YC's goal here was to remove the overabundance of silliness that was present in the original motion picture. First and foremost: Radagast's rabbit sledge.
Personally, out of all the silly material in the Hobbit movies, the sledge bothered me the least. However, it was a nice and interesting new way to experience the movie. I really loved how the Warg chase played out without Radagast. Furthermore, the Radagast flashback was very well done. I've seen this sort of flashback edit been done before, but usually it's only a glimpse of Radagast handing Gandalf the Morgul blade, not an entire conversation. I cannot speak praise about this edit without mentioning the very impressive escape from Goblin town sequence. Masterfully done work.

When Bilbo first unseaths his newly received blade, it now glows blue (...which means you know what is near), yet his expression is that of an awe, not dread. So, it was a bit weird, but it worked for the narrative and I cannot say it was a big deal for me.
A bigger deal for me was the very last bit of the Goblin town escape - The dead Goblin king falling on top of the Dwarves - I sincerely believe this could have been easily cut and the movie would have been better for it.
The thing that took me out of the movie the most was the stone giants - way over the top. After they survived that encounter, I felt like they are all invincible and cannot be harmed. I seriously didn't fear for them when they reached Goblin town. Also, Bilbo wakes up and plans to head back when he just survived that... highly unlikely.
After seeing Adam Dens' edit, I realised that keeping the stone giants but removing them being on one also works well. Though, I prefer them gone for good.

I respect TM2YC's editing choices in this movie - he made a cut that works for him and that he can enjoy, but I want to share what further edits I would have done to increase my enjoyment of this movie:

* More cuts to Radagast. Especially, when he is healing the hedgehog and crosses his eyes, murmuring his spells. I actually think I would not have shown him being successful at healing the hedgehog - wicked, I know. But, it would have implied that a very powerful dark magic is at work and Radagast is not strong enough to face it.

* Remove stone giants or at least trim the over the top bits out of that sequence.

* Remove Goblin king falling on top of the Dwarves. Perhaps, I'd go even further and cut back to Bilbo even before the face off between Gandalf and the great Goblin - the latter just looked too scared of Gandalf and his sword when he first saw him. But, if you believe he deserves a proper exit - keep it in. Cut the fall, though.

* I agree with showing riddles in the dark before the Dwarves enter Goblin town, but I didn't like how we cut from Bilbo and the Goblin falling to immediately Bilbo waking up. I would have focused on the Goblin being dragged by Gollum and only afterwards show Bilbo waking up. This will also solve the confusion regarding whether or not Bilbo saw Gollum losing the ring.

Other minor edits I would have loved to see, based on Arkenstone edition, that did not affect my enjoyment of the movie and my rating of it:

* Make Gandalf instead of saying "The blade is made by the Elves, which means it will glow blue when Orcs or Goblins are nearby" to say "The blade is made by the Elves. It will glow blue when Orcs or Goblins are nearby" when referring to Sting.

* Remove any mention of the Trolls' names.

* Use the score originally intended for Thorin vs. Azog and the eagles sequences. The heroic Nazgul theme when Thorin charges is kinda weird.

All in all, another solid edit of An Unexpected Journey. Highly recommended.
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(Updated: December 04, 2018)
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it was really good and i good time watching it :)

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