Highlander: The Black Knight

Highlander: The Black Knight

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Highlander: The Black Knight
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From another time comes a man of incredible power. He is immortal. Now he is about to face the ultimate challenge. At stake is the greatest prize imaginable, and no one wins it.
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I removed a few wires, took out some things that I thought were kind of dumb, removed Kurgan's eyes flickering when he pops the blades out of his sword's hand guard and removed all references to Connor winning The Prize.
By removing the reference's to Connor winning The Prize, you can watch the TV series, The Final Dimension or Endgame without any mental gymnastics.
Other Sources:
- Queen's - A Kind of Magic
- Highlander Laserdisc for one line of dialogue
Release Information
Cuts and Additions:
Mostly complete cutlist. Mostly:

- Moved Ramirez's monologue and 'Princes of the Universe' to the end, to allow a more mysterious feel to the opening.
- Rebuilt opening credits.
- Cut flashbacks during wrestling.
- Cut Fasil's somersaults.
- Cut Fasil's lightning head matte.
- Cut a few shots of Conner wandering around during the battle.
- Cut Conner swinging a hose at Kurgan.
- Cut Ramirez's quote about Conner feeling The Quickening.
- Cut fish dropping from Conner's kilt.
- Cut Ramirez spitting on Kurgan.
- Cut Ramirez's VO about leaving Brenda. They just met.
- Cut Kurgan and the Hotel Clerk.
- Cut Kurgan car chase one.
- Cut Vigilante describing what happened to him, because the loud PA VO annoys me.
- Cut "It's better to burn out than to fade away".
- Cut the sex scene, because Roxanne Hart has spoken about feeling coerced into it and because, she just saw the guy stab himself. They still suck face though.
- Trimmed Kurgan car chase two.
- Cut a few eye zooms during final quickening.
- Cut Ramirez's VO, and flashbacks from the ending.
- Removed a bunch of wires during final Quickening.
- Removed window glare from car in first flashback.
- Rebuilt final credits.
- Removed all references to Conner winning The Prize.
- Removed crew member from Ramirez/Kurgan fight.
- Restored Connor's line "I want to go home".
Cover art by revstevens (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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Much needed cut, surprised it took this long.

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