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Continuing on with my Heavy Star Wars reviews, I head for the beginning of the end with Episode VII. And I'm happy to say that this one is a strong entry in the Heavy Star Wars edits. I don't think it's number one, but I will say that the soundtrack is my favorite of the seven I've reviewed.

This entry has what is arguably the heaviest and most metal soundtrack out of all seven. And I'm not using the meme. I mean the songs really are metal! Blue Oyster Cult, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and Deep Purple are all on this one. And I welcome it! You know how people praise Rogue One because it's the only Star Wars movie that feels like a war movie? That's how I feel about the song choices for Heavy Episode VII. Most of the songs throughout the entire saga have been more rock than metal. Of course, this is because Heavy Star Wars is not referring to heavy metal, the music genre, but Heavy Metal, the 1981 animated cult film which also had a rock n' roll soundtrack. Not that I'm against it. I've enjoyed most of the previous six just fine. But I have wanted to see just one of these with an actual metal soundtrack, and this one granted my wish!

If you've enjoyed the other Heavy Star Wars edits prior to this one, this review isn't gonna stop you. Check this one out and enjoy!

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