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FanMix December 16, 2016 4373
(Updated: August 11, 2022)
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My adventures through the Heavy Star Wars edits continue with the crown jewel of the Star Wars franchise: The Empire Strikes Back. I gotta be honest here. There's no way I'm going to hate this version of Episode V. It's Empire in the style of the 1981 animated film, Heavy Metal! If you've been watching these edits chronologically, and you think that's a bad idea at this point, I think you may need to find a therapist. I can't in good conscience resist this take on Episode V. It could be terrible, and I'd still enjoy it.

But keeping my own opinion distant, I do think this is one of the stronger Heavy Star Wars edits. I don't think that's a surprise since this is the best Star Wars film ever made that we're talking about here. The only criticism I can come up with is that the second act doesn't seem to have enough songs in there. However, given how hard it is to find a good music cue during that section, I can see why the second act doesn't have a lot of rock 'n roll. I'm sure Ed did his best to find good song placements, so I'm gonna be more forgiving about the flaw.

If you're already enjoying these Heavy Star Wars edits like I am, there is no reason to skip this. It's Empire, but with rock 'n roll music and a fun visual style. Why miss out on that?

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