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Continuing my ventures through the Heavy Star Wars edits, I arrive at the one and only Episode IV. And I think this might be the best of the Heavy Star Wars edits I've seen so far. I still have to watch the other four edits (five when Heavy Episode IX is around), but this one gets it right on virtually every level for me.

I've constantly gone back and forth on my criticisms of the song choices over the last three edits, but with this one, I think Ed has hit the bullseye! The song selections aren't too soft like they were in Episode II, and they sound like they could've easily been in the 1981 movie, Heavy Metal, which is the goal these edits are aiming for. I also appreciate that most of the songs have a 1970s feel to them. It helps to make this edit of Episode IV stand out from the previous three edits, and the dated song selections fit the 1977 classic like a glove.

If you're looking for a most excellent introduction to the Heavy Star Wars edits, but you're not sure where to begin, I think this is a great place to start. Heavy Star Wars Episode IV gets my vote for the definitive entry in the Heavy saga of edits, and it's the one I'll be judging all other Heavy Star Wars edits from here on out! Ridiculously recommended!

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