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I've been watching these edits in chronological order, so as of this review, the only other Heavy Star Wars edit I have seen is Episode I. So if you're looking for a comparison with the heavy original trilogy, this review isn't for you.

Overall, Heavy Star Wars II is a big step down from Episode I, but if I'm judging these edits on how much fun I had with them, this one was still good enough. The changes and cuts made were mostly good. An occasional editing hiccup or two, but I've gotten used to those from watching so many other fanedits.

The main reason I think Episode I is better is because of, well... The song choices. Hear me out. Episode I had a greater consistency in its songs and a lot of the tunes felt like something you could hear in a movie like Heavy Metal. Unfortunately for Episode II, it's a different story. A lot of the songs this time around are really soft disco tracks. Songs from the Bee Gees, Boney M., and ABBA. Yes. That ABBA. I'm guessing this choice was made because of the focus on Anakin and Padme's romance, but there's something that bothers me when I'm listening to ABBA in a fanedit that is titled Heavy Star Wars. I expect the songs to be more hardcore, and I've never pictured ABBA as hardcore.

With that said, the first and last 10-15 minutes of songs brought the edit back to form, and while my criticism above is still justified, I can't say I was bored with this one. It's still a good take on Episode II. I thought the usage of Communication Breakdown at the beginning was brilliant. And the final song, Nights in White Satin, was oddly more effective than it had any right to be. It may not be as watchable as last time, but I liked it enough to recommend it. I just hope the next episodes are closer to Episode I than II.

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