Heavy Star Wars: Episode II

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Heavy Star Wars: Episode II
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Are you ready to Rock with the Clones????
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Brief Synopsis:
Star Wars with a rocking soundtrack! Heavy Star Wars takes the existing action and adventure, trimming away unnecessary story/action/bad acting, and replaces the soundtrack with Rock music!

10 years later, Anakin is reunited with his dream girl. Literally, he dreams about her. This addition completes the Heavy Star Wars prequel trilogy
My intention was to make a Star Wars movie a bit more easier to watch, especially if you are not a fan. I started with Episode III on a whim, finished Episode I, and this completes the trilogy!
Additional Notes:
I am still getting good at balancing the audio and music. There was a wide dynamic range of audio levels, but I wanted to meet somewhere in the middle so it doesn't get too quiet and then too loud. Hope it works!
Other Sources:
Track list:
Heavy Metal - Sammy Hagar
Communication Breakdown - Led Zeppelin
Nitro - Dick Dale
You Should be Dancing - Bee Gees
Yakety Yak - The Coasters
Another Brick in The Wall - Pink Floyd
Knocking On Heaven’s Door - Guns N’ Roses
For the Movies - Buckcherry
Tick Tick Boom - The Hives
Planet Caravan - Black Sabbath
I Shot the Sheriff - Bob Marley
Stop the Rock - Apollo 440
Don’t Cry - Guns N’ Roses
Lay All Your Love On Me - ABBA
Take it Off - The Donnas
Rasputin - Boney M
School’s Out - Alice Cooper
Look at Yourself - Uriah Heep
Battle of the Planets - Tatsunoko Productions Company
Night in White Satin - Moody Blues
Special Thanks:
Special Thanks to George Lucas for truly creating a world that is believable, MatrixGrindhouse for reviewing the film, and JJE-187 for putting together the look of the DVD cover!
Release Information:
Editing Details:
The inspiration for my approach was the movie Heavy Metal, and also my background in editing music videos helped with creating a hopefully visually interesting narrative. I also changed the color to match the look of the original Star Wars movies and added a bit more contrast to give it a more "comic book" or animated feel.
Cuts and Additions:
MTV music video editing was used in the action scenes, but in the moments where I had to cut down scenes for time and what not, whatever was left and I had to piece together, I edited the movie as close as possible to the pacing set by the original movie.
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Just finished watching the whole Heavy Star Wars trilogy, and I must say...what an amazing experience. A buddy of mine, and HUGE Star Wars universe buff, watched it also and his comment was "This adds a whole new atmosphere to these movies" and i couldnt agree more. Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, a prequel fan or not, you WILL enjoy these. The movie soundtrack, the little touches throughout give it a whole new feel. You can clearly tell that alot of work went into these edits. The music fits each scene perfectly. I have a number of Star Wars fanedits in my collection, but these have to be my favorites...hands down. From the opening 'crawl' to the post credit scenes, you will not be disappointed. not to mention the communication and politeness from the editor in PMs, was very respectable as well.

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