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Quality - Mostly good, though there is a noticeable degradation of quality on many shots due to the zoom ins. The audio bitrate also seemed a bit low on one of the songs.

Visual editing - Some really nice, creative editing. Although the quality suffers, the zoom ins work stylistically and are part of the experience. I don't know what was going on during C3PO's moment, but it was good crazy fun. The little touches on the pod race to make it seem like it was on TV were also well done.

Audio editing - A difficult edit to pull off given the way the source material is mixed, and as a result, there are numerous occasions where the original score leaks through into the new music. In some cases this can't be avoided, but I think there were scenes where the imposing audio was due to negligible dialogue which, IMO, would have been best removed.

Narrative - Fine... I guess. The Phantom Menace (theatrical) has some fun moments and can be great to look at, but it's also incredibly boring. Generally, I think the editor would have been better off cutting out way more than he did and just focusing on the fast paced nature of the edit. At the start it cuts straight to the chase with simple exposition in the form of words flashing on screen like "Invasion!" or "The Jedi must rescue the princess!" - this should have been applied much more frequently across the edit IMO and would have worked wonders for the pacing.

Enjoyment - Fun. Not all the music was to my taste and some of the resubtitling seemed unnecessarily crude, but overall I enjoyed it. Main negative for me was the pacing, in which there generally needed to be a lot less plodding.
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