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Between all the TPM edits I've watched and doing my own TPM edit, I've really been through the ringer when it comes to this movie. So it takes something new to get me to watch another one. Thankfully I gave this a chance, and I really had a good time watching it.

First off, the movie is cut down to a breezy 80 minutes and I didn't notice any glaring flaws in the narrative. Cutting out the entire opening was a method I've never seen before and it worked quite well. There were some other places I wished for some trims (a few annoying bits of Jar Jar or Ani that could have easily been lost) but in general this is a reasonably edited down version of the movie.

The music choices are all well done. Some songs were not to my specific taste but that's certainly not the fault of the editor, as song preferences are highly personal. I certainly am glad this was more of a rock edit than the heavy metal edit the title promises. The music fit well and came in and left at all the right places. I also appreciated the care that was taken to reduce song volume when people were talking and bring it back up when the talking was over.

My second favorite use of music was Psycho Killer, which featured some great editing from start to finish. But my favorite was whatever the song is that is used for the introduction of C3PO. I won't spoil it here but that sequence kind of blew my mind (though it ran on a bit too long). I suspect that's a one-and-done gag but it would be amazing if C3PO could be that character the whole way through the Heavy Saga.

There were some instances of original score bleeding through. This is understandable given how difficult Star Wars audio is to work with, and the overall experience was enjoyable enough to look past it. Fixing this would have probably required full rebuilding of sound effects, which can be done but is difficult and tedious. If the editor had spent the time to do so, it would have just about made this edit perfect, but I'm certainly not one to complain. Overall the audio editing is definitely done well.

There were a few fun visual gags as well. I particularly enjoyed the many quick cuts to closer views of characters for dramatic effect. I do wish the character labels were done more often, I recall only the two Jedi and the two droids, I would have liked to see those for the other prominent characters as well.

Excellent job! Looking forward to watching the rest of the series.
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