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I have only watched the original Heaven's Gate (well the edition to hit UK cinemas last year) and as much as I could argue the basic story and overall pace of the film leaves a lot to be desired, I do really enjoy it.

I am astounded that you have taken so much time and effort to recreate this particular vision of the film, and more astounded that no-one else has commented on it here (although this is my first ever posting to this forum) I'm not sure how many views it actually gets.

With regards to the new edit, I can see how more of it works, the dialogue between Jim and the Irish Station Master (i.e where the whole premise of the movie is first told) is clear although it felt a little like the dialogue was re-recorded in a studio? I thought the cut from the town to the butler was a little too abrupt and the battle seemed much shorter somehow? I missed the sepia toning on the roller skate sequence also.

There is so much about this movie I would change, if I had your skill and patience. Much of the Harvard stuff is unnecessary as we don't really get the feeling of the great 'end of an era' that we should and I still don't think Averill is a strong character, I don't really care about him. Whereas the Association head (Canton?) comes across much stronger and purposeful. Also, for all of the effort put into the sets, I don't think we see enough of the main town - considering how much is spent in Ella's bedroom (although she is a honey)

Here in lies my question, I wonder if you would consider your OWN edit of this movie - creating an even tighter storyline? Second to Cimino himself, you probably know more about the intricacies of this movie than anyone alive.

All in all a phenomenal achievement by yourself, but it is a better film that the original cut? I'm really not sure - could you make one I wonder?!

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