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(Updated: September 07, 2012)
moe_syzlak may 1 2009

I enjoyed this a lot. I liked Heat a lot in its original version, but the scenes with Hanna and his family are not very good. I like the idea of Hanna having relationship issues and having trouble being close to people though. It mirrored Neil’s story and that was one of the things that made it more than just a cops & robber flick. That said, this is much tighter and, while it is now just a cops & robbers flick, it is a very good one. With this edit the lack of the diner scene is not missed. However, the scene is fairly necessary IMO if you use the ending where Neil leaves Edie without hesitation. That sort of underscores the tragic nature of the choices of not just Neil, but also Hanna.

As to the alternate ending…. SPOILERS … I think it works fairly well. There is one continuity error in that the man at the front desk (not to mention the front desk itself) is visible when it is supposed to be the LA Airport hotel AND when it is supposed to be a Boston hotel. Also, the grammar for the captions is just terrible. It’s a shame to see so much good work go into this and then have such careless grammatical errors take you out of the movie. I also felt the epilogue for Hanna was a bit over-the-top with the cocaine and losing his job. And the final caption on Waingro and Neil is not necessary IMO.


But this is a great edit and one I’ll watch more than once, though probably not with the alternate ending.
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