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(Updated: July 08, 2023)
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So, where to start.

Perhaps at the beginning, as I still remember the disappointment when I left the cinema after watching (what was then) Indy's last outing. There were some good moments (it is Spielberg, after all), but most of it was really, really bad. I'll spare you all the details, as I know you all know it. For years I have been searching for a good fan edit, and I think I've found one!

To start with, the color grading change means the world. As the movie now looks like the Indiana Jones of old.

The cuts are also well done, from trimming the fridge scene (no, it cannot be avoided), Mack's triple agent nonsense, to most jarring of all, cutting all Mutt's escapades in the jungle (goodbye vines jumping, goodbye monkeys). I am a bit bummed that Mutt being Indy's son, is removed. Had no issues with that one. And that there are fewer Marion scenes. (well, I like the actress and the chemistry between the two). But in the chat with the editor, I realized that keeping this subplot would entail snake rope, so no, good riddance.

All in all, this edit is almost perfect, and it really makes the story flow more naturally; it keeps a degree of campiness but removes virtually all of the nonsense. Now it is actually a pleasure to watch the movie! And that s the highest compliment I can give.

From now on, every time I re-watch the original trilogy, I will re-watch this version. Hopefully, Donkey Konga will make a fan edit for Indy 5, as it desperately needs it.

Warmly recommending it to all Indy fans!

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