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Another laudable effort from The Scribbling Man. The Haunting for me has always been dragged down by Eleanor's anxious internal monologue. So it's interesting to see how the film works without it - as well as with it significantly minimized. The Scribbling Man did a very good job filling in the aural gaps where the internal monologue should be. That said, I feel he could have gone further with the visual cuts to eliminate the moments that hold on Eleanor as she's thinking out loud. At times, especially early on, it almost felt as though the movie was broken. This was the first time I've watched the film in a few years, so a lot of the beats felt fresh to me, but it was clear when these pauses for voice over were happening, and unfortunately they took me out of the film.

Fortunately though, there's track 2, which I feel is the real success here. Track 2 offers enough internal monologue to fill these moments without overdoing it the way the original film does. Seriously, the strongest impressions I have thinking back to watching The Haunting over the years are the ghost banging and the annoying voice over. So with track 2, I now have a version to replace the original. Visual editing is completely seamless here. Reading the cutlist, I was surprised at how much was actually tweaked because all of it went unnoticed both times I watched the film. It just moved at an agreeable clip for a 60's film. I really appreciate The Scribbling Man's attention to detail in whittling away 5 minutes from the film.

The Implicit Cut experiment was a very worthy endeavor and I encourage you to give track 1 a chance. Meanwhile, I'm going to remux the file and bump track 2 up to the top spot ;)

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Owner's reply December 19, 2021

Thank you for the review, seacom. It's great to hear your thoughts and I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I'm especially grateful that you took the time to watch the film twice in order to experience both versions!

While I think the no-monologue audio achieves what I intended in the Implicit Cut, I can understand where you're coming from with some of the early portions. The partial-monologue is also my preferred version if we were to consider this a "fan-fix" on any level.

I actually have yet another cut of The Haunting on the way. It's a much more liberal edit, but uses the Implicit Cut as its foundation. Having read what you've written, I might take the opportunity in this new version to try out some heavier trims on the moments you've eluded to :)

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