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We watched this the other night, as 1/2 of a double feature, along with The Haunted World Of Katie Featherston, both on DVD. Generally, the same review applies to both edits.

I will preface the review by saying that I have seen the original source material 2 or 3 times. I'm not a fanatic by any stretch, but I was familiar with the pacing and structure of the original.

Having said that, I didn't really miss anything that was removed. Sometimes, in a horror edit, an editor will pull out the slower scenes that were designed to calm the audience down. That isn't the case here, because with "found footage" films, the directors tend to use the quiet moments to insert a suddenly scary when watching films like this, most savvy audiences know enough to keep their guard up. The cuts in this particular edit seemed to improve the flow of the film, and when I discussed the edit with our guests, no on else seemed to miss anything either.

Technically, the editing was superb...I detected nothing that indicated to me that this was a fan-edit. If someone had just thrown this into the DVD player, and I was not familiar with the film, I would never have guessed.

I understand Neglify's point completely about the video quality not reflecting VHS quality, but then, that was an error on the part of the original film-maker, not the fan-editor. I kind of view it as a "nice to have". Also, my copy of the DVD did NOT start in subtitle mode, so that may be player-specific.

To sum up, worth watching, and an improvement over the original release.

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