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(Updated: October 21, 2012)
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This is a bit of a tough one to review. I'll try.

Short version:

Frantic Canadian does a great job of trimming the fat of Paranormal Activity 3. If you wanted to see a leaner PA3 that's easier to rewatch, you'll enjoy this one.

Longer version:

This didn't quite fix this movie for me. I like PA3 a lot more than PA2. It's a much more compelling story and the pay off produces more tension than PA2.

My biggest problem with PA3 is the direction and overall look. The picture quality is crystal clear, despite this "found footage" movie being sourced from a VHS tape from the 80s and this aggravates me. GFY Catfish directors. This movie could have easily been made to look like something filmed in the 80s but it wasn't.

Doing such wasn't the intention of the editor but I would have enjoyed this a lot more if it had been.

The storyline is improved, less filler material without losing anything important.

I decided not to give the A/V Quality a rating because I hated how high quality it was.

The editing itself was great. The original film is edited very straightforward and FC cuts the fat perfectly.

The narrative was improved, but not so much to warrant a 10/10.

The enjoyment factor is the biggest hit here. I liked this version better than the theatrical version but it's still a film that bugs the hell out of me when I watch it. (Original movie is a 6.)

In conclusion... If you enjoyed PA3, you'll probably like this one. This isn't a complete overhaul of the film and I wouldn't go as far as to say it's better than the theatrical version, but it's as enjoyable (or maybe slightly more) than the original.
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