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(Updated: October 09, 2012)
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I'm glad I could be an inspiration for this edit.... I just threw out the idea of a 3 in 1 edit and through conversation it evolved into a stand alone Paranormal 3 edit...

Much like his edit of Paranormal Activity 1 The Haunted World Of Katie Featherston Frantic sticks to the the same simple concept... Take out the unneeded bits... keep the scares, tightening up the story making it a more enjoyable watch...

He achieves just that as the story does in fact move at a better pace and the tension is still there if not enhanced due to certain scenes being taken out that were just filler scenes.... The way I look at it is this is the way the movie should be watched! Unfortunately the studios can't release movies this short into the theatres without the general audience feeling ripped off... so essentially they fill it with filler scenes to bring it to a more acceptable length... This stuff is not required and serves it's purpose of taking up space but generally and with the cuts Frantic made lend nothing to the overall story...

I gave 9's across the board with the exception of one 8 as it wasn't much of an issue for me but I too had to turn off the subtitles which automatically played with the movie...

Great edit that I highly recommend... Kudos to Rogue for the cover art (aged one is my favorite)

Keep up the great work Frantic...

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