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I really like the Hateful Eight. It's gorgeous to look at and it's like a fun play where something is amiss and you try to figure out which of the suspicious characters is the bad guy. To start with the good, ALL of the visual and audio editing in this is pitch perfect. It's great. I like pretty much all the trims, there's a lot of smart work. It's a really well done edit. I love removing QT's terrible narration and it makes the coffee scene come out of nowhere which plays much better.
I am really sorry to drag down the score of this review because you achieved what you set out to achieve technically and narratively very well. It's just that putting Jody's gang in the first scene of the movie kind of ruins it, in my opinion. The tension of the film which is the point of the first two hours is that you know something strange is going on but you don't know what. Putting it in chronological order tells the viewer exactly who is who and it makes most of the film uninteresting.
I watched this with my gf who had never seen the original. It was late and I thought you just cut the VO and trimmed it so I figured it would be good to watch this version. I'm going to word this very carefully for spoiler purposes. She didn't know it was a fanedit. An hour in, she asked me how much longer until the main characters knew what was going on. It was pretty uninteresting since we knew from the opening scene. I have to agree, I don't know what the benefit of telling the audience that is, and for me the cost is removing the tension that drives two thirds of the film.

Technically excellent, and it achieved what you were going for.
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