Hateful Eight: When You Have To Shoot, Don't Talk, The

Hateful Eight: When You Have To Shoot, Don't Talk, The

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Hateful Eight: When You Have To Shoot, Don't Talk, The
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When You Have To Shoot, Don't Talk
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Brief Synopsis:
Removing narration was the starting point. Then I started from the beginning and trimmed here and there as I went thru it. At some point the flashback sequence didn't work for me, so I tried out the chronological cut idea.
To get rid of narration and to condense/pace up the story without loosing too much of it.
Additional Notes:
Slight color adjustment throughout the movie to make snow white more than blue. Gives it more The Thing/The Grand duel feel, retro if you will.
Other Sources:
- Luis Bacalov - Il Grande Duelo; The Esctasy of Gold vol.1
Release Information
  • Blu-Ray (BD-25)
  • MP4/M4V/MOV
Editing Details:
- Chronological cut.
- No Quentin's narration.
- No chapters.
- No flashback.
- No Jack White, David Hess and Roy Orbison.
- As less as possible of Channing.
Cuts and Additions:
- Added fanedit intro
- Story is told in chronological order, new opening incorporated with arrival of the Domingre gang
- Little cuts to up the pace leading into first haberdashery massacre
- Cut out David Hess song; Mike is killed by Bob through the door, not by Gage afterwards
- Removed (what was second) narration, new montage shortening lead into the introduction of Major Warren
- Shortened Warren’s horse answer, some trims in dialogue
- Cut out Jack White, added music cue and some re-edits into letter reading and Ruth’s and Domergue’s falling out of the coach
- Small cuts and re-edits in dialogue and action to up the pace until the arrival of Mannix
- Small cuts and re-edits in dialogue and action to up the pace until arrival to Minnie’s
- Less door shenanigans
- Mobray justice story shortened
- Gage’s mother story shortened
- Warren/Bob barn dialogue shortened
- Trimmed Mannix overacting recognizing General Smithers and their dialogue
- Less door shenanigans upon arrival of Warren and Bob from the barn
- No hat story, but Warren is suspicious
- Shortened Mobray suggestion to divide the bar
- Some cuts to up the pace of Ruth’s presenting Domergue and disarming Gage
- Some cuts to up the pace into dinner table conversation
- Lot of cuts and trims to up the pace of Warren’s baiting story and killing General
- Removed narration, shorten montage and dialogues leading into Domergue’s song
- Removed (most of) Jennifer Jason Leigh’s real reaction to guitar destruction
- Cuts and trims of Warren’s dialogue after Ruth’s killing all the way through to wounding of Warren
- Some cuts of slo-mo showdown (removed most of slo-mo dilalogue)
- Shorten Warren/Mannix dialogue before dropping Jody;
- Cut Domergue dilaogue adding corpses / horses; paced up shooting of Gage and Mobray
- Cut second Mannix daddy story; now we go straight from Warren having no more bullets into Mannix blacking out
- Shorten Warren/Mannix dialogue before hanging Domergue
- Shorten Mannix reading Lincoln letter, fades after first sentence into new end credits
Cover art by Plissken1138 (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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I liked The Hateful Eight well enough, but having missed it in theaters, I only got the chance to see it on Blu-ray. My biggest issues were that it was: 1) overly long and 2) there was a lot of scenery porn, which was great, but much of the impact was lost due to watching it on a smaller screen (I don't own a large TV or computer).

Plissken1138 did a fantastic job trimming the film down to about two hours even. I a few changes around the opening (which I'll get to in a moment) but beyond that, I didn't really notice anything was cut. Despite the chapter title cards being cut, the cuts/fades to black that preceded them were still present (at least as far as I remember) so there really wasn't all that much gained by cutting the title cards. I liked the new opening title sequence, but the text seemed kind of pixellated in places. Opening on the passengers arriving at the Haberdashery and killing everyone there was a good opening, but I do feel it robbed a bit of the suspense from the film.

The color correction worked fine for me. The BD-25 didn't seem to have any compression issues, and looked and sounded damn good. I highly recommend this if you enjoyed the theatrical cut (or, if you were lucky, the 70mm cut) but found that a bit over long. Besides the few niggles mentioned above, this is a great edit. Keep up the good work Plissken!

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