Hateful Eight: When You Have To Shoot, Don't Talk, The

Hateful Eight: When You Have To Shoot, Don't Talk, The

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Hateful Eight: When You Have To Shoot, Don't Talk, The
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When You Have To Shoot, Don't Talk
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Brief Synopsis:
Removing narration was the starting point. Then I started from the beginning and trimmed here and there as I went thru it. At some point the flashback sequence didn't work for me, so I tried out the chronological cut idea.
To get rid of narration and to condense/pace up the story without loosing too much of it.
Additional Notes:
Slight color adjustment throughout the movie to make snow white more than blue. Gives it more The Thing/The Grand duel feel, retro if you will.
Other Sources:
- Luis Bacalov - Il Grande Duelo; The Esctasy of Gold vol.1
Release Information
  • Blu-Ray (BD-25)
  • MP4/M4V/MOV
Editing Details:
- Chronological cut.
- No Quentin's narration.
- No chapters.
- No flashback.
- No Jack White, David Hess and Roy Orbison.
- As less as possible of Channing.
Cuts and Additions:
- Added fanedit intro
- Story is told in chronological order, new opening incorporated with arrival of the Domingre gang
- Little cuts to up the pace leading into first haberdashery massacre
- Cut out David Hess song; Mike is killed by Bob through the door, not by Gage afterwards
- Removed (what was second) narration, new montage shortening lead into the introduction of Major Warren
- Shortened Warren’s horse answer, some trims in dialogue
- Cut out Jack White, added music cue and some re-edits into letter reading and Ruth’s and Domergue’s falling out of the coach
- Small cuts and re-edits in dialogue and action to up the pace until the arrival of Mannix
- Small cuts and re-edits in dialogue and action to up the pace until arrival to Minnie’s
- Less door shenanigans
- Mobray justice story shortened
- Gage’s mother story shortened
- Warren/Bob barn dialogue shortened
- Trimmed Mannix overacting recognizing General Smithers and their dialogue
- Less door shenanigans upon arrival of Warren and Bob from the barn
- No hat story, but Warren is suspicious
- Shortened Mobray suggestion to divide the bar
- Some cuts to up the pace of Ruth’s presenting Domergue and disarming Gage
- Some cuts to up the pace into dinner table conversation
- Lot of cuts and trims to up the pace of Warren’s baiting story and killing General
- Removed narration, shorten montage and dialogues leading into Domergue’s song
- Removed (most of) Jennifer Jason Leigh’s real reaction to guitar destruction
- Cuts and trims of Warren’s dialogue after Ruth’s killing all the way through to wounding of Warren
- Some cuts of slo-mo showdown (removed most of slo-mo dilalogue)
- Shorten Warren/Mannix dialogue before dropping Jody;
- Cut Domergue dilaogue adding corpses / horses; paced up shooting of Gage and Mobray
- Cut second Mannix daddy story; now we go straight from Warren having no more bullets into Mannix blacking out
- Shorten Warren/Mannix dialogue before hanging Domergue
- Shorten Mannix reading Lincoln letter, fades after first sentence into new end credits
Cover art by Plissken1138 (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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I really like the Hateful Eight. It's gorgeous to look at and it's like a fun play where something is amiss and you try to figure out which of the suspicious characters is the bad guy. To start with the good, ALL of the visual and audio editing in this is pitch perfect. It's great. I like pretty much all the trims, there's a lot of smart work. It's a really well done edit. I love removing QT's terrible narration and it makes the coffee scene come out of nowhere which plays much better.
I am really sorry to drag down the score of this review because you achieved what you set out to achieve technically and narratively very well. It's just that putting Jody's gang in the first scene of the movie kind of ruins it, in my opinion. The tension of the film which is the point of the first two hours is that you know something strange is going on but you don't know what. Putting it in chronological order tells the viewer exactly who is who and it makes most of the film uninteresting.
I watched this with my gf who had never seen the original. It was late and I thought you just cut the VO and trimmed it so I figured it would be good to watch this version. I'm going to word this very carefully for spoiler purposes. She didn't know it was a fanedit. An hour in, she asked me how much longer until the main characters knew what was going on. It was pretty uninteresting since we knew from the opening scene. I have to agree, I don't know what the benefit of telling the audience that is, and for me the cost is removing the tension that drives two thirds of the film.

Technically excellent, and it achieved what you were going for.

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I liked The Hateful Eight well enough, but having missed it in theaters, I only got the chance to see it on Blu-ray. My biggest issues were that it was: 1) overly long and 2) there was a lot of scenery porn, which was great, but much of the impact was lost due to watching it on a smaller screen (I don't own a large TV or computer).

Plissken1138 did a fantastic job trimming the film down to about two hours even. I a few changes around the opening (which I'll get to in a moment) but beyond that, I didn't really notice anything was cut. Despite the chapter title cards being cut, the cuts/fades to black that preceded them were still present (at least as far as I remember) so there really wasn't all that much gained by cutting the title cards. I liked the new opening title sequence, but the text seemed kind of pixellated in places. Opening on the passengers arriving at the Haberdashery and killing everyone there was a good opening, but I do feel it robbed a bit of the suspense from the film.

The color correction worked fine for me. The BD-25 didn't seem to have any compression issues, and looked and sounded damn good. I highly recommend this if you enjoyed the theatrical cut (or, if you were lucky, the 70mm cut) but found that a bit over long. Besides the few niggles mentioned above, this is a great edit. Keep up the good work Plissken!

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