Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Almighty Edit

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Harry Potter as you remember, but with a light touch of editing
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I've always loved the Harry Potter books, but the movies have been pretty hit or miss for me. I completely love what they have made, but there are many scenes of poor acting, or bad character choices that are completely fixable.

My main goals overall:
- Create light edits that don't try to reimagine or create anything new, but rather just enhance the original movies
- Remove small annoyances and some poor performances (Harry shushing Ron, Barty Crouch Jr tongue flicks, dumbing down Hagrid, etc)
- Retain as much world building as possible (Clock in the Weasley's home, monster roar at housekeeping in PoA, etc)
- Keep the original music to their own movies, except for a few rare occasions
- Tighten up action wherever I could

Goals for the Sorcerer's Stone:
- Make Hagrid not appear to be so dumb
- Cut out a lot of Harry's unnecessary one-liners
- Trim up some of the dated CGI
Harry Potter is one of my favorite series' ever. I've got so much nostalgia from growing up with the books and movies. But even watching as a kid I remember disliking some things about the movies. I don't want to rob the movies of their charm, but I did see some thing that I believe would be better changed or removed. I think these small changes make the experience a better one overall.
Special Thanks:
Anjohan (Andreas), and JJPotter! I took a lot of inspiration and some exact cuts from their edits to make my own.

Poster art by Carlossap on TPDb
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Editing Details:
I didn't want to do anything too drastic, but instead create a very light edit to remove things that might take you out of the viewing experience.
Cuts and Additions:
- Used the extended edition as a base
- Trimmed Dumbledore turning out the streetlights so many times
- Trimmed Dudley jumping down the stairs on top of Harry's room
- Removed extended scene - Dudley's suit
- Trimmed Hagrid breaking down the door
- Kept extended scene - Hagrid and Harry's train ride but trimmed a bit of the end
- Trimmed Harry meeting Quirrell
- Cut Hagrid fumbling for Harry's key to the vault
- Added some ominous music when Harry is asking about Voldemort, and also cut Hagrid not being able to write his name
- Cut Hagrid saying that Voldemort is still out there instead of dead
- Added Apparate sound effect when Hagrid leaves Harry at the train station
- Cut Malfoy trying to extend a hand to Harry. He just bullies them a bit and it's over
- Mixed Snape's extended potions class with the original
- Trimmed the first flying lesson a bit for the bad CGI and unnecessarily long scenes
- Added a tiny bit of music when the trio first meet Fluffy and escape. Also trim it so they don't overpower a giant dog while pushing the door closed
- Harry doesn't say "I like this ball" when Oliver is teaching him Quidditch
- Cut Harry's one liner saying they need another feather after the explosion
- Cut Hermione telling Ron how to swish and flick when he saves Harry from the troll
- Cut Quirrell freaking out about the Troll roaring after being knocked out
- Cut Snape telling Harry good luck in Quidditch
- Cut most of Harry doing nothing during the first half of the Quidditch match. He just sits in the air most watching the others most of the time...
- Cut Hagrid saying Harry's gonna be sick after he catches the snitch
- Trimmed Hagrid talking about Nicolas Flammel so he doesn't sound so dumb all the time
- Cut Ron going to see the mirror completely. Harry's emotional scene at the mirror along with the extended scene with Ron trying to comfort him just don't work as well with Ron's mirror scene in there.
- Kept extended scene - Neville's leg lock curse but trimmed the end
- Cut Harry shushing Ron while Hermione tells them about Flammel
- Cut Hagrid talking like an idiot again just before the dragon hatches
- Cut Voldemort walking through the forest before the group splits up
- Heavily trimmed up Voldemort trying to attack Harry in the forest and removed a lot of the bad effects here. Much better now
- Cut some of Firenze's talk about Voldemort
- Completely cut the trio going to see Hagrid to ask him about the dragon seller and Hagrid being an idiot again telling them how to get past Fluffy. This is unnecessary as they don't use this knowledge to get past Fluffy, it's already done for them, and it's yet another scene of making Hagrid look dumb.
- Cut Snape talking to them just after seeing McGonagal to try to tell Dumbledore about the stone.
- Added a bit of music to when Neville confronts the trio, and cut Ron saying it's for his own good after they leave him on the floor.
- Trimmed them getting past Fluffy so he doesn't wait so long to bite them, and doesn't bite the door
- Trimmed up the next few rooms just slightly for pacing
- Other minor trims throughout

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(Updated: April 26, 2022)
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I really do like this cut of Sorcerer Stone overall. It keeps the extended cut but removes unnecessary things and even makes Ron seem smarter which I always was wanting to be improved since he was made into an idiot side kick. No faults here that I could see, but I am off to take a look at the other HP cuts by almightycutie.

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