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First off, my dad and I are HUGE Potter nerds, the books are awesome, the movies are great, and the universe is cool and well developed. Once I finally got this edit, I uploaded it to my Plex library and my whole family sat down and had our minds BLOWN. Andreas has made millions of little changes that make this a better movie than the official release, scenes become more exciting due to awesome re-scoring (snake escaping was awesome rather than cheesy) and flashbacks are also really cool (adds footage from the deathly hallows). So let me get right to the actual technical aspects of the edit.

Audio/Video Quality:
Great, nothing I noticed was out of place and the deleted scene was very nicely incorporated

Visual Editing:
Awesome, color correction is infinitely better, the devil's snare was black and sinister and it looked so cool compared to the theatrical. Gold was removed from most scenes which never really bothered me until I watched this and realized how odd it looked originally. Everything looks very natural.

Audio Editing:
Superb, sound effects, music, voices, etc. were changed and modified perfectly, nothing sounded off or strange. Loved spots where music was added into quiet scenes (library, Olivander's wand shop)

Fun, not much changed other than the first half hour of the movie being not completely in chronological order (which I liked) like having Harry's letter arrive right at the beginning and then show Dudley's party after that and then later show them trying to get rid of the letters.

Overall loved it, will burn to a disc and make it my go-to version of the film. This movie is my least favorite of the Harry Potter movies and Andreas has managed to make it way better than it ever was.

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