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I loved the new pacing and taking away from the more childish aspect of the original.

Some of my favorite things - Draco is more of just an annoying bully side character rather than an over the top, crazy obnoxious evil kid. Much more realistic for the movie and it felt like the kids were all more like kids rather than caricatures.
I love the changed ending with the whole point system taken out.
Also thought the emotional flashback was well done for the ending.
The music flowed so well and I instantly felt like I was watching a much better movie, even when I didn't know why.

A couple things I thought could be better. I wish the flashback wasn't played so many times. I don't remember how many times it popped up but it was one or two many times.
I also thought that Snape's potions class could have been left in. I haven't watched the original in a long time so I don't know if it was removed because of narrative inconsistencies or not. But I missed seeing more of Snape on screen.
A small thing was the first song that gets played on the credits. I don't think it fit in at all. I wish it would've just gone to the Harry Potter music rather than that song.

Overall I loved the edit and will continue watching this version! Looking forward to watching the other Harry Potter edits from Andreas.

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